Television Background Extras

Television Background Extras Here at Rent A Crowd we get involved with all sorts of weird and wonderful events from red carpet attendees to background extras. A recent event where we supplied 50 extras was at the Ministry of Sound Night Club London where the latest advert was filmed. Our extras were required for numerous scenes at the night club… read more →

Crowds for Rent What is Rent A Crowd?

Crowds for Rent What is Rent A Crowd?
Crowds for Rent - What is Rent A Crowd? Rent A Crowd is a service created to provide on demand crowds of people for all types of gatherings, events and business openings.  We found there was a gap in the market and the demand for 'Flash Mobs' was growing so was the demand for large groups of people. We can… read more →

Rent a Crowd for Neighbourhood Watch

​Rent a Crowd for Neighbourhood Watch Hiring a crowd of people to boost numbers at a PR stunt is what our hiring a crowd service is all about.  We recently provided a small crowd of 64 people for a PR agency that had been given the task of generating interest in the service and benefits of being part of a… read more →

Rent A Crowd of Lady Gaga’s

Rent A Crowd of Lady Gaga's in London A hundred-strong army of Lady Gagas marched on parliament to urge Eric Pickles to reject the proposals for a redevelopment  plan that's set to gut London's historic Smithfield General Market and replace it with a modern office block complex. The Secretary of State, Eric Pickles is soon set to make his decision… read more →
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