Rent A Crowd of Lady Gaga’s

Rent A Crowd of Lady Gaga's in London A hundred-strong army of Lady Gagas marched on parliament to urge Eric Pickles to reject the proposals for a redevelopment  plan that's set to gut London's historic Smithfield General Market and replace it with a modern office block complex. The Secretary of State, Eric Pickles is soon set to make his decision… read more →

EUFA Against Match Fixing

Here at Rentacrowd we have recently had the pleasure of working alongside EUFA in a campaign to raise awareness and stop match fixing. For the event over one hundred of our staff members took part in a photo shoot at Fulham Fc ahead of their Europa League clash. The photo shoot took a few hours and used our staff to act… read more →

London Rent A Crowd Of People

Rent A Crowd of People London Today we hired out a large crowd of people for an Amazon Movie Premiere in Leicester Square London.  Our people got fully involved and created a great atmosphere.  Don;t take our word for it, see below :-   read more →

Top Ten Guinness World Records of 2013

Whacky Guinness World Records of 2013 There were 5,000 Thai contestants who performed for a hula hoop competition which set a new world record for the biggest number of individuals doing the hula hoop dance all in one place. World's Biggest National Flag - Numerous workers helped each other to carry the national flag of Romania to set the record of the… read more →
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