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Renting a Crowd in Lancashire

Want to make an impact at your next Lancashire based event or promotion?  Why not rent a crowd? 

Choose how many people you want and let us know. We will do the rest.

At Rent A Crowd we can create any size of crowd you want, be it small or large at venues throughout Lancashire and major towns like Lancaster, Preston and Burnley.  If you want a flash mob ready to dance or sing, people to attract attention to a promotion, or attend a private function, our specialist actors are ready to help you get the attention you require.

hire a crowd of people in Lancashire
hire a large group of extras in Lancashire
hire a crowd of people for a pr stunt Lancashire

With over 6,000 people on our database, we can always find local people who match your specific requirements no matter what age, race, gender or size.  Our staff are well trained, and will blend in to the event.  Only you will know that they are paid to attend.

Rent A Crowd Agency Lancashire

There are lots of different reasons why crowds are needed at events:

  • Product launches
  • Store openings
  • PR stunts
  • Business delegates
  • Party guests
  • Extras for TV and Films

Rent A Crowd can provide people for any type of event, even at short notice.  We pride ourselves on being able to meet any type of requirement or need.

Typical events have included a son hiring 20 people to make a fuss when his father went to work for the last time, while other occasions have involved providing people to stand in a queue and get noticed during the launch of a new West End stage show.

No request is too unusual.  If you want a group of people to dress up as cartoon creatures for a promotion, we can find them. We can provide guests for a birthday party or crowds to attract attention at Halloween.  Renting a crowd is the perfect way to attract attention.

Want a celebrity fan experience in Lancashire?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an A-lister, with photographers and fans following you around?  Contact Rent A Crowd and find out!

Having a party and need to make sure there are plenty of people around to make it a success? We have the people in Lancashire ready to party the night away.

Get a quote to hire a crowd of people!

All you need to do is contact us now for an immediate quotation.  Our team of professionals will discuss your exact requirements, including numbers, personalities and genders. 

Sit back and enjoy the event.  We guarantee that there will be a crowd present and fully briefed to ensure your event is a total success.

Phone us on 0844 800 0071 for a free quotation, or send us an email.

We are waiting to hear from you.