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What is a Flash Mob?

Think flash mobs are just about mass gatherings in public spaces? Then think again. Flash mobs can provide fantastic PR opportunities in all kinds of locations, and settings. It can also make a special event such as a proposal incredibly different. The numbers involved may be just a couple of people or a larger group. Whatever the number, the aim is always the same – to surprise, entertain and capture attention in an extremely memorable way.

Take a look at these ideas to see just what can be done when you hire a flash mob

Spill a drink and cause chaos

At a special event, waiters cause a spectacular drinks spillage. Tempers flare and voices rise, making everyone in the vicinity look up. Within minutes, others join in dispersing the argument with song and dance.

Raising a toast at business dinners or special events

You do need to make sure that CEO’s and whoever is giving the toast is fully aware of what is happening – it takes speeches to a whole new level. Just as they invite the audience to prepare to raise their glasses in a toast, waiting staff create havoc, rushing on causing a spillage and general chaos. Arguments ensue, making everyone stop and stare, at which point the waiters reveal themselves in song and dance.

The Toastmaster

Dressed in smartly in a red coat, the Toastmaster is a feature at many special events and dinners. But just think what could happen if the Toastmaster has been planted by a flash mob? The potential for a very memorable scene is definitely present. Guests can be rushed here and there, toasts mixed up before suddenly starting something totally unexpected such as beat boxing, or dancing. Waiters then join in for a surprise performance.


Walking along the street, a birthday girl or guy is suddenly given a massive bunch of balloons. Their surprise is quickly magnified when music starts and dancers appear bringing yet more balloons as gifts. It’s visually stunning, very photo worthy, extremely memorable and definitely a great way to celebrate a birthday or a special event.

Dance cut in

The First Dance has become a must at wedding receptions and can be something of a nightmare for some people who have two left feet. An easy way to reduce the tension and create something very memorable is to arrange for a small flash mob to take part. How about arranging for two people to cut in claiming to be old flames and creating something of scene for a minute, before bursting into song, joined by other ‘waiters and waitresses’?


A romantic proposal with a difference – two people are walking along the street when a busker starts singing their special song. They naturally stop to listen, as do other people. Then suddenly one by one other members of the crowd join in the song and other musicians appear as well.

Dining in style

An ordinary meal can be turned into a very special occasion with the additional of a small flash mob composed of just four people. Arrange with the restaurant to add a special reference to their individual menu. As they begin ordering, music starts and the waiters begin to sing while another couple of diners start to dance. Could be a great way to celebrate an anniversary, or a make a proposal.

When Things go wrong

A series of West End plays have enthralled audiences highlighting just what can go wrong on the night. How about if things start going wrong at a corporate event or celebration? Entertainers forget their lines, get dances and songs mixed up, waiters create chaos. As the audience begins to cringe and back away, everything suddenly changes. Spectacular synchronised routines begin and some members of the audience begin to join in.

Thinking about hiring a Flash Mob?

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