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PR campaigns are a brilliant way to get your brand noticed and talked about

Just think of the fantastic Iceland’s Out-horse your email campaign to designed to promote Icelandic tourism and get people to disconnect from work, or ITV’s Second-hand Wardrobe campaign where Love Island contestants wore only second-hand clothing to promote sustainable fashion.

Such campaigns establish brand credibility and strong media relations as well as being intensely memorable. Unlike advertising campaigns, consumers appreciate that it is not just sell, sell, sell and are more willing to learn more about the brand. All too frequently, campaigns go viral attracting a vast array of publicity.

To create a good PR campaign, you need an idea that will grab the imagination. Start by deciding what you want to achieve, then explore ways of publicising that message. This can range from simply distributing a press release to lively stunts designed to catch attention. Typical stunts have included a nude art installation promoting Sky Arts, Red Bull’s New Moon event in which stuntmen dressed in wingsuits descended from the sky waving sparklers giving the impression that UFO’s had landed! Other stunts have included organising groups to spontaneously sing and dance in public places or take on unusual character costume roles like a polar bear on the underground.

Here’s a few of the best attention grabbing PR campaigns of 2022 to provide some inspiration.

Opening Homes in Times of Crisis

With thousands of people suddenly needed safety and security due to the war in the Ukraine, launched a campaign to provide housing for up to 100,000 refugees. It quickly set out to co-ordinate the provision of temporary housing free of charge by linking up with charities and governments. As a result, over 28,000 people signed up to the Airbnb campaign to provide temporary housing. In addition, people booked and paid for rooms in Ukraine properties as a way to help support Ukrainian businesses. It provided valuable assistance to hotels and residences who could no longer cater for tourists.

The Unburnable Book

Responding to a book banning and burning trend within schools, Penguin Random House created a copy of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that was totally unburnable. It had white heat shield foil pages, stainless steel bands, and a black cinefoil jacket. The book was eventually auction by Sotheby’s and all proceeds went to PEN America to help protect free speech.

I will teach you how to inbed the link below

IKEA’s seed ball

Well known for selling Swedish meatballs in its cafes, IKEA created a fun PR campaign designed to promote the environment. Working with the World Wildlife Fund, IKEA’s PR people developed a lively campaign in which people were encouraged to create seed balls using clay, dirt and wildflower seeds to help insects.

LEGO & MRI scanner building kits

Undergoing an MRI scan can be frightening for children, so LEGO donated 600 LEGO MRI scanner building kits to hospitals. By using the kits children could play and build their own scanner, giving an element of fun within a worrying environment.