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Why are acting agents necessary?

Anyone seeking work as an actor or extra needs an agent. They are the most important people in the business. Without them, it is very hard to find work. A great agent can make all the difference to your career prospects.

Not surprisingly, finding a good agent takes time and effort. You need to make the right choice, ensuring you feel confident and can work with the agent.

How do you find an acting agent?

Begin by deciding what you want from your career. How do you want your career to progress? Do you want to specialise in any way? How flexible are you as to where and when you work? Are you driven to succeed? Or are you just happy to do any work that comes your way? Take time to research different agents and their approach to see who fits your career strategy.

Is the agent someone you can work with?

Make sure you can get on with the agent. Are you comfortable chatting to them, seeking help from them? Do it feel as though they care about developing you as an actor and finding you work? Check out their website and find out what other people think of them.

• Have a positive outlook

Acting is not an easy profession in which to succeed. Rejections are common and you have to accept them. Remember that the agent is there to get you work, and tell you if there are any reasons why you are not suitable for a particular role. Be positive and work to overcome any criticism, seeking new opportunities, new skills to widen your portfolio.

• Research is all important

Do your homework. Check out every agent you consider approaching. Look at their website and social media channels. Are they busy? Are they active? What do other people think of them? Ask around the industry for recommendations.

• Be specific and know exactly what you are seeking

Agents are busy people. They don’t have time to waste. You need to be specific, clear minded as to what you can provide, what your skills are, and what you are looking for in an agent.

• Your personal brand

Who you are is very important. Creating a clear brand image of your skills and background is essential. Directors need to make decisions quickly and don’t have time to read reams of information. Having a clear profile, a clear brand image will make their job easier.

• Be creative

Don’t just wait for work to come to you. Get out there and knock on doors, ask around, look for opportunities and constantly ask yourself how you can improve your skills to make you more employable.

• Create a portfolio

Everyone has to start somewhere, and a portfolio is the place to do this since it showcases your talent, background and experience.

• Encourage people to say ‘yes’

Be flexible and versatile. Be prepared to show an agent how good you are, and how well you can work together.

• Small steps

Finding an agent is the biggest step you are going to take in your career. It might feel uncomfortable to have to sell yourself and your talents – but that is exactly what you need to do. Be prepared for rejections. Agents might not feel you are right for them. Persist and keep searching. Remember that rejections are not a reflection on you or your talent, there are others to approach.

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