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Want more work? Take a look at your profile and improve it.

Updating your profile is one of the easiest ways of getting more work. Bookers make decisions based purely on what is in your profile. Making sure that all your skills are listed, and that all the information is up to date ensures bookers know what you can provide.


Update your photographs. Potential clients judge you by your photograph. That is the first thing they see. If it doesn’t immediately appeal or fit their requirements, then they will move on to other candidates.

Make sure your photographs show you as you are now. The older the photographs, the more likely you will have changed your appearance. Ideally, photographs should be updated automatically every month.

If you make a dramatic change in your hairstyle – change your photograph immediately.

You don’t need professional studio shots. Selfies will do.

Don’t use images that are photoshopped or filtered in any way. Potential clients want to see you as you are now.

Worth considering are adding photographs which show a slightly different appearance. If you have long hair, add a photo showing you wearing it up. If your photograph shows you wearing dark colours, add some photos of you dressed in bright shades.

If you have a clearly visible tattoo, or piercings then make sure that at least one photograph shows those items clearly.

If your photographs don’t portray you accurately, then you could find casting directors cancel your booking the moment you appear on set.


Add as many measurements as possible. Bookers want to know your measurements – will you fit the clothing they provide? This is particularly important if they are searching for someone to fit a costume, or act as a stand in double. Exact measurements will be essential.

Contact information

Check that your address, phone number, email are all totally correct and up to date.

Extra skills

Stop for a minute and think about other skills that you might possess. Do you speak any other languages? Do you have any knowledge of any form of dance? Have you taken classes in dance or singing? Do you have a driving licence? Are you cleared for work with children? Can you ride a horse? Can you paraglide? What about gymnastics, yoga or swimming?

Adding such information to your profile is vital. There is always a chance that a booker is looking for someone with such a specific skill.

Response time

Most importantly, respond instantly you are contacted! Clients want to make decisions immediately. The sooner you respond, the greater your chance of being given the work.

Interested but not registered with us?

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