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Rent a Crowd in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a large, coastal city, steeped in maritime history and with a heritage that other cities can only dream of, so no wonder that each year there are hundreds of events, PR stunts, festivals and parties held here.

The ingredients of hosting a successful event or PR stunt in Portsmouth are many and varied but essentially, it comes down to the people. Will people turn up, will they enjoy it, will they engage with it?

Encouraging people to take in interest in your event is key to success which is why hiring a crowd in Portsmouth makes sense.

Why hire a crowd for your Portsmouth event?

There are many reasons why;

  • A crowd attracts a crowd – human beings are naturally curious which is why we ‘stop and stare’. With a large crowd at your event, you’ll find that it will become busier than you imagined.
  • Attract MORE attention – for many events, the start can be the most difficult, the time before the crowds of people start to arrive. And so having a steady stream of people passing through your event is attractive and that’s why hiring a crowd for your Portsmouth event makes sense.
  • Looks like something people want to get involved in – when something looks fun and enjoyable, with plenty of people mingling around, people want to get involved.

Discreet and professional, our promotional staff don’t mix and mingle, telling people who they are and what they do! Instead, they make sure that people are enjoying themselves and can also give you valuable feedback too.

What can you hire a crowd for?

You can hire a crowd in Portsmouth for any event. And when we say ‘any’, we mean any event! Nothing is too outlandish or quirky for the Rent a Crowd team in Portsmouth to consider.

We attend all kinds of events including;

  • Porsmouth festivals and gigs
  • Christmas and summer fairs
  • County shows
  • Flash mobs
  • PR stunts
  • Shopping centre events
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Award ceremonies
  • You name it, we have a crowd for it!

How to hire a crowd of people in Portsmouth

We have thousands of talented people on our database from singers and dancers to presenters, costumed performers and more. Better still you can hire as many or as few people as you want for your crowd. From a handful of people to act as a crowd in a training video or commercial to thousands of people making your festival even more of a success, we have the right people for your event in Portsmouth.

Hiring a crowd is easy too. Just call us on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form below. Once we know how many talented people you want to hire, we’ll get back to you with a free and competitive quote.

Find out more about hiring a crowd in Portsmouth – contact the experts!