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Flash mobs bring your marketing and PR stunts to life

Try using a flash mob in your next marketing or PR stunt – you will not regret it. There is no better way to bring your brand to life, giving it instant consumer awareness and interest. Flash mobs ensure your brand gets talked about, and that brings sales and yet more customers.

What is flash mob?

It is, quite simply, instant publicity. Imagine a busy shopping centre or train station where people are going about their daily business. Suddenly it erupts into song and dance for a few spectacular minutes, before everyone disappears. In the meantime, people have been stopping, listening, joining in, taking photographs, filming and sharing the event on social media where it quickly goes viral. Over the next few days, write-ups and pictures appear in the local press, even trade and business media.

It was just a stunt, but a very successful one. All the participants had been hired to take part in this flash mob. And it is not just large scale events where flash mobs can play a role – they can be tailored to any location, any style involving small numbers to several hundred. We provide flash mobs for all types of occasions from themed sales conferences to birthday parties.

It’s pure psychology

One of our clients hired us to provide a flash mob to provide a red carpet experience for sales delegates. The flash mob acted as adoring fans when the employees arrived at this Hollywood themed conference. Clapping, shouting, whistling, camera flashes gave the event a real sense of glamour and excitement as delegates arrived.

Since humans are naturally curious, passers-by stopped to stare and even join in. They wanted to know what was happening, and were attracted by the sense of fun and excitement.

Secret Crowds

Not every client wants the public to know that some people in the crowd have been hired to attract attention. Our staff are aware of this, and make sure that no-one is aware of their active involvement. They make sure that the event seems totally spontaneous.

We worked with Heart UK to create a secret crowd based PR stunt, which went completely viral.

What can crowds bring to a promotional event?

Noise and attention

Flash mobs immediate catch attention – and the resultant publicity can be incredible. It makes brands stand out from your competitors. Consumers gain extra awareness of your brand. An all singing, all dancing flash mob has an immediate effect on consumer perception of your brand. Your name is one they will recognise when they go shopping or choosing a service.

Adds spectacle and makes your brand interesting

In Chicago stage show, Billy Flynn states “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle. Give ‘em an act with lots of flash in it and reaction will be passionate.’ A flash mob does just that. It dazzles and makes people react, giving them ‘something to talk about’.

Nor is it expensive. You can hire a flash mob of any size, from a small group to make an event look busy, to hundreds or thousands to give it a real splash. And no-one outside the event will be the wiser!

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