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Christmas Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

It’s never too late to create Christmas marketing and promotion campaigns. Many consumers leave Christmas shopping as late as possible in the hope of getting the best bargains for potentially limited resources. That means they will be responsive to marketing messages promoting price discounts and value for money. Incentives like free delivery and opportunities to save money by opting for for multiple purchases are proving increasingly popular.

For marketeers the message is clear. Sales are possible but you have to work for them in such a competitive market.

Here are our top ten seasonal marketing tips!

1. Set clear goals and aims
Having a clear indication of what you are aiming to achieve will help you judge success levels and identify potential improvements. Remember S.M.A.R.T: be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based.

2. Think about your packaging
What does it say about your brand? Does it portray the image you want this Christmas? Does it look good? Does it have a Christmas ambiance? Even adding a few Christmas elements such as holly, ivy, stars can create an instant impact, giving a touch of luxury and thought.

3. Place stocking fillers and impulse buys strategically
Research around Christmas time has shown that 84% of all shoppers make impulse purchases so make sure they are easy to find.

4. Make them obvious, and where possible add provide some special offers. This will increase the possibility of potential purchases as people rush to do their final shopping. If finances are very tight, then products usually regarded as stocking fillers will become even more important.

5. Make promotions clear and obvious
Whether online or in store, promotions need to be highly visible. Consider adding some new imagery, or promotional material to highlight your product offer. It is not just enough to say 50% off – add a few images of selected products. Shoppers in a hurry just before Christmas want ideas, so catch their attention with images that will inspire perhaps by combining a small selection of related products.

6. Vary promotions
Be prepared to change promotions quickly. You need to keep people’s interest. If they are using a store on a regular basis, they can quickly get used and not bother looking at promotional details. Keep it fresh, and changing – people need something different to keep their interest.

7. Don’t forget other celebrations
It might be Christmas but people still have birthdays, or celebrate other festivals such as Hanukkah. Such events are ideal selling opportunities so don’t overlook them.

8. Sell solutions not just the product
Use demonstrators and provide samples. Showing a product in use, or offering opportunities to try it is guaranteed to encourage purchasing choices. People want simple answers. They will not choose a product or food if they are uncertain about it. Trying it, seeing it in action gives confidence.

9. Bundle items
Why not combine a few of popular lines as a special offer? It enhances the feeling that customers are getting a good deal, saving money and an option of covering two presents in one purchase!

10. Stock holding
Check your stock levels regularly. The worst thing you can do at Christmas is to run out of stock. Not ordering enough, or forgetting to reorder in time means lost sales and lost profits!

And for something completely different……..

You could hire a crowd to create a buzz and attention about your product and service.

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