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Hiring Supporting Actors and Extras from Rent a Crowd

We boast an amazing and diverse range of talented supporting actors and extras. From operas to plays, to films, TV productions and commercials, our supporting actors and extras have a range of experience too.


Hiring Supporting Actors and Extras from Rent a Crowd

What’s the difference between supporting actors and extras?

Supporting actors – not to be confused with a supporting character – is an actor who plays a bit part, speaking or singing role.

An extra is a non-speaking or singing role.

Both play an important part in the backdrop of a scene. To the viewer, they may be almost unnoticed but when the extra or supporting actor acts out of place, everyone notices.

Supporting actors and extras need to be able to take direction, usually from the 1st director, be reliable, on time and committed.

How do I hire the best supporting actors and extras from you?

We are an agency committed to supplying the right people when it comes to supporting actors and extras.

We start by getting to know your project and what skills, attributes, physical looks etc. that you are looking for.

We then put together a short list of available actors and extras, people who have the skills and attributes you are looking for.

The project is ‘different’. Is that a problem?

At Rent a Crowd, our actors and extras have been involved in all kinds of projects, from quirky PR stunts to avant-garde art projects. We don’t have an issue supplying extras and supporting actors for the vast majority of projects that come our way.

How do I know the supporting actors and extras I hire will be able to deliver?

A well-established casting agency, many production companies and theatre groups turn to us for crowds, extras and supporting actors because they know that will get the best people and the best service every time.

  • We know how frustrating it is when people either don’t turn up or are late – we only work with actors and extras who have a proven track record of being committed and reliable
  • We know the frustration of people turning up with no idea of what the project is about – we brief supporting actors and extras about the project, the client and the expectations of them
  • We understand the frustration of the ‘wrong’ people for a project – when the actor isn’t right or the extras not able to do as you ask, we understand the expensive effect it has on the filming or performing schedule. We have talented, skilled actors and extras on our books and we send the right people, with the right skills every time.

We work with our actors and extras to fulfil their potential too. And because they receive one of the most generous rates of pay in the industry, our people stay with us here at Rent a Crowd.

And we welcome new supporting actors and extras all the time too.

To find out more, call us on 0844 800 0071 or use our contact form to book talented supporting actors and experienced extras from Rent a Crowd.