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Most Successful PR Stunts

Top 5 PR Stunts

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Top 5 PR Stunts Ever wondered what makes PR stunts work. Get them right and your brand can see success by way of increased sales, get it wrong and this could have a negative effect on your brand. Here are…

PR Stunts

PR Stunts 2020 SO FAR

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PR Stunts 2020 SO FAR The beginning of the year was off to a great start for PR before the coronavirus pandemic shocked the world and we collectively went into lockdown. However, with all the doom and gloom across the…

Paddington Station Rent A Crowd

Paddington Station Rent-A-Crowd

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Paddington Station Rent-A-Crowd Do you need to hire a large group of extras for your activity? Rent-A-Crowd were approached by an agency who needed over 155 people to be part of a new train launch taking place at Paddington Station…