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hire a large group of actors UKHiring a Group of Actors

We have been providing crowds of actors and extras for all kinds of event, from film productions to PR stunts for some years now. Hiring a group of actors from Rent a Crowd couldn’t be easier!

How do I know you’ll send me the best group of actors?

We are a committed and passionate agency, working with some of the best and most experienced extras and actors in the UK today. We are proud to represent them, putting them forward for many different kinds of projects.

Not only do we have the best people, we also offer the best service to our clients. We work with you to fully understand your brief and requirements.

We handpick the best group of actors for your event or project from our large database so you have peace of mind you get the right people or your project.

What if my request is a bit ‘out there’…?

We receive all kinds of requests from clients for many different kinds of projects. We can say with confidence, no request is too quirky or ‘out there’.

We have supplied a group of actors for film work in which they have been dressed as everything from aliens to Vikings and more.

We don’t just work on film and TV productions either. We have supplied actors for music videos, training films as well as for amazing PR stunts for well-known brands.

How do I know the actors will turn up to the shoot?

We understand that filming and similar productions run on a very tight schedule. We also understand the frustration of people being unreliable and not delivering what they promise.

There are many reasons why you can trust Rent a Crowd actors to turn up on time and deliver what you need;

  • We help actors and extras to build their portfolio and this investment brings loyalty and reliability too.
  • We are one of the few agencies that have a high rate of pay, a factor that helps us to maintain a good database of talented actors.
  • We choose from our database of people to provide the group of actors with the right skills and experience for your project.
  • We fully brief all our actors and Rent a Crowd staff to ensure that everyone understands the aim of your project, where they need to be, at what time and what is expected of them.
Is hiring a group of actors expensive?

We always strive to give value for money, understanding that for production companies, PR agencies and other clients, hiring a group of actors is an expense to their project budget.

We offer bespoke solutions for all our clients, should they need it, but we also offer a fixed fee approach for hiring a group of actors for a short length of time.

We know you will find our services competitively priced and our passion for helping to make a project a success a winning formula.

For more information and a no-obligation quote, contact the team at Rent a Crowd on 0844 800 0071 or alternatively drop us an email.