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Rent a Crowd for Video and Film Events!

Are you considering hiring a crowd of extras for a location shoot such as a music video? At Rent a Crowd, we work with production companies all over the UK, supplying extras and crowds for everything from period dramas to music videos.  So how does renting a crowd work?

We were approached recently by a live music agency as they needed to hire a crowd of extras for a video shoot. The service they offer is unique in many ways. The Rock and Strollers as a ‘roaming acoustic band’, attending all kinds of events. They provide a unique experience, roaming amongst guests, performing requests. Their repertoire extends across a range of music genres, from modern-day pop classics as well as up-to-date modern hits.

The project

The project was a fantastic one to be involved in! They were filming a video style shoot at Lost Society in Battersea. They wanted to rent a crowd of extras of 20 people with a gender split and aged between 20 and 35. There was no acting experience required as the extras were simply being asked to enjoy the music, something wasn’t hard to do.

Can we help with your music video or event?

Hiring a crowd, whether that’s 10 people or hundreds (or even thousands!), is very easy to do when to come to us. Here’s why:

  • Huge database – we have a growing database of thousands of people across the UK, all with a range of skills and experiences.
  • Across the UK – from London to Edinburgh and beyond, we have people dotted across the UK. No matter where your project is based, we can get the right people there to make it happen!
  • It’s what we do – we arrange hired crowds all the time, and that means you get to benefit from our superior experience.
  • Discreet – we know that sometimes, you may not want or need to people to now that you have hired a crowd, and that’s why our service is discreet and confidential.

What can you hire a crowd for?

In a word – anything! These are just some of the projects we have been involved in:

  • Marriage proposals – why not add even more to your proposal by hiring a cheering crowd or a flashmob?
  • PR stunts – always popular, when you need a reactive crowd, hire one from us
  • Supporting entertainment – need a crowd to get your event buzzing? We have the people!
  • Swelling your audience – make your event look well-attended and exciting, perfect for when the press are taking their shot or you need PR photos
  • Product or service launches – great for adding excitement to a launch or event (and because what we do I discreet, no one will know the difference!)
  • Queues – got a sale on? Need to attract attention? Why not hire a crowd so you have a queue forming outside your store?

… and much, much more!

How to rent a crowd

It’s really simple – all you need to do is email or call us 0844 800 0071 with details of your event and we’ll do the rest. And you’ll love the no-obligation quote too!