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Southampton casting agencyRent a Crowd in Southampton

• Do you have an upcoming event that you want to ensure is a success?
• Do you need a crowd of people for a TV, film or music video production?
• Maybe you want to ensure your event looks impressive?
• Or maybe you would want people for a PR event or publicity stunt?

Hiring a crowd in Southampton is easy when you come to Rent a Crowd UK. We have worked with several well-known brands across a range of industries on all kinds of projects.

But because we offer a confidential and discreet service, we can’t be too loose-lipped about the projects been involved in.

We have worked on some great projects such as our staff wandering around dressed as a famous film character to attract attention and interest in a new film release.

Hire extras, models and crowds in Southampton

At Rent a Crowd UK, we have a huge database of talented people ready and able to take part in events of all kinds in Southampton.

We have actors, extras and models too, all of whom are experienced and professional as well as discreet, perfect for when you need a crowd that doesn’t stand out as being ‘actors’.

We can cater for all events, from small crowd to thousands. Location isn’t an issue and with a diverse database of people too, we know we have the right talented extras for your event.

Why hire a crowd?

You want your event to look full and impressive. And when there is a crowd of people concentrated in one spot, it grabs attention.

Naturally curious, other people will come over and take a look! And very soon, you have a successful event on your hands.

We maintain confidentiality and discretion at all times – our experienced performers in Southampton understand the need not to tell everyone they have been hired to make the event look busier!

Fully briefed, our professionals will be where you want them and need them, at the time you need them too.

Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, a TV or film production, filming a commercial or anything else, we have the right people for you.

Get a quote from Rent a Crowd UK today!

We are a leading agency, offering excellent customer service along with fantastic talented people for all kinds of projects and business, large and small.

For a competitive quote, call us on 0844 800 0071 or email us with more details such as;
• how big a crowd you want to hire in Southampton
• what you need them to do
• how long you will need a crowd for
• the times you need them
• as well as more details about your Southampton event

We’ll handpick a crowd of people from our local team in Southampton to give you the best value for money.

And remember, no hire a crowd request is too odd or too ‘out there’!

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