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Some top PR stunts so far in 2022!

2022 has seen a resurgence in public relations as a way of connecting with audiences. The result has been some really innovative, entertaining campaigns. Here’s five of the best.

LEGO: empowering through play

For generations LEGO has been one of the most popular children’s toys, promoting the value of play as a way to learn. Playing encourages children to develop the skills they will need in their future lives as well as within their community. It can also help children cope with distressing situations and what can be more scary than having to have an MRI scan in hospital.

As a result, The LEGO Foundation has donated 600 LEGO Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners to hospitals worldwide. These game sets can be used by children to understand what happens with when they have an MRI scan. This will help children become more confident and resilient during the procedure.

Keeping up with the Kardishans

Last year, a fatal crush killed 10 people at the Astroworld Festival in the States. Many concertgoers blamed the organiser, rapper Travis Scott, for not stopping the show when it was clear people were being injured. Others blamed poor safety measures. Travis Scott attracted immense criticism.

His partner happens to be Kylie Jenner, part of the Kardishan family. Many PR people have since noticed that there has been a massive influx of publicity around the Kardishans covering everything from relationships, pregnancies, to cheating scandals and photoshopped images ensuring that the Astroworld investigation is kept well under the radar.

Gender Pay Gap Bot campaign

International Women’s Day always attracts massive social media activity from companies keen to show their support. This year, was slightly different. UK Social media specialist Francesca Lawson and her partner, software consultant Ali Fensome, introduced a bot which had gathered information from a UK government database requiring organisations to identify salary differences. The Gender Pay Gap Bot on Twitter highlighted all those companies which, while congratulating female team members, don’t actually pay them fair wages.

Coinbase’s QR code

An American campaign around the Superbowl involved cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase with an awareness raising advertisement. The idea was simple – a neon coloured QÂ code bounced around the TV screen. By scanning the code, viewers could receive $15 in bitcoin. It was successful beyond belief. Within one minute, Coinbase’s website attracted over 20 million hits and then crashed.

Airbnb for the Ukraine

As the Russians invaded the Ukraine, thousands of people fled seeking sanctuary elsewhere. Airbnb immediately stepped in to offer short term housing for over 10,000 refugees.