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Flash mobs and crowds are one of the best ways of attracting attention

They are guaranteed to cause comment and social media postings. Many can quickly go viral.

But these type of crowd gathering activities go far beyond basic attention-grabbing PR promotions and stunts. Crowds and flash mobs can provide an essential ingredient to ensuring the success of any event.

Opening a store and want to ensure that a crowd gathers – hire one. Giving a speech and want to make sure that there are people around to hear it, thus attracting wider attention? Hire one.

Bringing out new products in popular market sectors needs that special extra to make them stand out. Using a crowd scenario helps. A start up vodka brand wanted to sell into nightclubs and bars. Surrounding the start up founders with ‘paparazzi’ at the launch made them stand out. This was reinforced by the creation of a special film involving ‘aspiring entrepreneurs’ being mentored by the start up founders to sell products. Putting the film on YouTube, and gaining social media coverage resulted in considerable publicity for the vodka start up.

Whatever the type of event, we can fill a room and create atmosphere by simply providing a group of talented people ready to cheer, take photographs and create that vital buzz.

Attracting attention at exhibitions when all your competitors are vying for the same level of visitor interest can be hard. This was the problem faced by a software company trying to generate attention during a technology conference.

With tight budgets, they needed an effective low cost solution. The answer was simple – special banner waving crowds bearing the company logo were hired to greet people arriving at the airport throughout the conference. Even more attention was generated through the presence of similar crowds active outside the conference centre. The result was incredibly successful, with the company’s stand attracting lots of visitors as well as an article in the media. It quite simply made them stand out.

Holding red carpet events quickly spices up a corporate occasion.

Having attendees walk along a red carpet, accompanied by cheering crowds immediately puts the participants into a welcoming, happy mode. This is particularly effective when you are holding an awards ceremony, or a thank you event to sales personnel who have gone the extra mile. A red carpet event really makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

Have a chat with us and discover how hiring a crowd can make a difference to your next event, promotion or stunt.