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Case Study: Background Extras for McDonald’s London Event

Background Extras London EventSetting the Stage

When McDonald’s planned to introduce a new item to their menu, they wanted to create an unforgettable experience for a group of competition winners who were eager to participate in an exclusive preview. What these winners didn’t anticipate was just how extraordinary this event would turn out to be.

Adding to the excitement, reality TV star Rylan Clark was invited as a special guest. His presence brought an extra layer of fun and laughter to the event, especially when he enthusiastically called for more while savouring the new Chicken Big Mac!

Filming the Event

The entire event was filmed by McDonald’s to generate engaging content for their social media channels and to share with the media. To amplify the event’s buzz, Rent a Crowd Agency was enlisted to provide over 20 background extras. These extras helped create a lively queue outside the restaurant before joining the festivities inside. Their genuine excitement was evident as they tried to guess the new, limited edition menu item.

Selecting the Extras

We meticulously selected our extras, ensuring they were comfortable appearing on social media and, importantly, were genuine McDonald’s enthusiasts. Each participant was thrilled at the chance to be among the first to taste the new limited edition Chicken Big Mac.

Capturing the Magic

The event, titled “The Big Chicken Mac Returns,” was a vibrant affair filled with laughter and enjoyment. The film captured people laughing, joking, eating, and drinking while being entertained by Rylan Clark, who mingled with the crowd, handed out food, and, of course, enjoyed the new Chicken Big Mac himself.

Our extras played a crucial role in creating a joyful and energetic atmosphere. Their presence not only enhanced the experience for the competition winners but also added a red carpet feel, making the day even more memorable.

The Outcome

For McDonald’s, the event was a resounding success. The film garnered significant attention on social media platforms and was featured in both national and regional newspapers. This exposure led to a substantial increase in demand for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac, with customers flocking to try the new offering.

Continuing Success

McDonald’s was so pleased with the outcome and the professionalism of our extras that they quickly rebooked Rent a Crowd Agency for future events. Our extras are equally excited about participating in more promotional activities for McDonald’s, eager to continue contributing to such successful campaigns.

Rent a Crowd Extras – a Standout Success

By providing enthusiastic and professional extras, Rent a Crowd Agency helped make McDonald’s event a standout success, showcasing the power of well-coordinated crowd participation in creating memorable and impactful marketing experiences.