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Why not mark the Coronation with a special company or community award?

The coronation is a great way to generate publicity and goodwill.

The range of potential awards is extensive ranging from customer service recognition to people who have gone that extra mile in helping others, special Kindness recognition or local charities that have done something special. Alternatively, it could be used to focus on people, local charities and community groups that are involved in some of the King’s long established interests in heritage, wildlife and the environment.

It doesn’t have to be highly complex or detailed. Simple award schemes can be set up very fast and gain considerable publicity. A good example is CasaGees, a pizza maker in Gloucestershire. They’ve just launched an award to mark the Coronation which is already gaining considerable publicity within their local area. The scheme is simple – they are running a promotion called Takeaway2Giveaway over the Coronation weekend. Half the profits of all pizzas delivered over that weekend will be donated to charity. They are leaving to the public to decide who receives that money. The only stipulation is that the charity or good cause must be located within four miles of their business. It could be a local sports team needing new equipment, a community group or a local charity. Once all the nominations are in, CasaGees will create a shortlist of just 3 projects that will be put to the public vote. Within a week of the Coronation taking place, the project that receives the most votes will gain the award.

Whatever type of scheme you devise, it creates instant interest among your audience. It makes a great marketing and public relations activity across all forms of media. The progress of the award, and the eventual finalists make wonderful social media coverage. Depending on your chosen theme, there is always the possibility of holding some PR stunts or using a character mascot to promote it. Hiring a mascot dressed as a vegetable, flower or animal can be easily given a bespoke element by adding a crown or a sash. Mascots of this kind always attract attention especially from people wanting selfies.

Extra publicity and promotion can be generated when granting the award since it makes good visuals.

If there is a charity or community link then they will naturally promote it among their members and wider contacts.

Why not make that finale a red carpet event complete with a clapping, cheering hired crowd?