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Hire a crowd of Halloween characters

Ghosts, ghoulies, vampires, witches – the list of Halloween themed characters on our books is terrifying. Meeting them when in character is even more horrific and frightening!

These are not characters you want to meet on a dark night but if you want someone to liven up your Halloween event, look no further!

Our Halloween specialists include actors, performers and stilt walkers who really know how to bring their characters to life. It is also why they are much in demand.

Every year, we work with countless steam railways creating terror filled railway journeys, with Halloween themed attractions as well as with brand managers and PR companies seeking an attention grabbing stunt.

Anything can happen. One of our most unusual Halloween requests was a demand for sampling staff and product demonstrators to promote Halloween themed sweets to families in ASDA stores nationwide. All the staff had to dress up as ghostly characters when roaming the stores, promoting the sweets. It was eye-catching and extremely successful. Families loved the idea!

Halloween offers immense potential for promotional activities of all kinds. For centuries, it is a period always regarded as a time of mystery, where the boundaries between worlds are thin.

Take a look at some of these Halloween facts for inspiration

According to the Ancient Celts, spirits roamed the countryside at Halloween. By wearing costumes, they could avoid being recognised.

Harvests were celebrated around a big communal fire at night.

Taken to America by emigrants, Halloween became a dramatic autumn festival.

Black and orange have become the traditional colours of Halloween. Black represents darkness and death while Orange is the brightness of harvest.

An American concept, pumpkins are now the most popular Halloween product – but did you know they also come in white, blue and green?

Jack o’ Lanterns are fun to place beside doors and paths. The concept comes from Ireland, where people placed candles in hollowed out turnips. Nowadays pumpkins are used, but the idea is the same – providing light to frighten away ghosts.

Halloween candy is big business in America accounting for around two billion dollars every year reflecting the demand from kids out on their nightly Halloween walks.

Planning an event or promotion this Halloween?

Contact us now to obtain the perfect ghosts, ghoulies, zombies, witches, wizards or any other strange character you might need. Talk to us about your requirements and plans – we love to help out and make sure that your event is successful in every way.

Wherever you are in the country, we can guarantee providing teams of local, professional and highly experienced people who can bring your Halloween event to frightening perfection!