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Hiring Crowds for Valentine’s Day Events

For many brands, Valentine’s day is an important day on their calendar. Hosting promotional events, PR stunts and marketing campaigns is something you may be considering doing. If this is the case, you’ll want to do everything you possibly can to ensure the success of the event. And hiring a crowd could be the very thing that you need. But why?

#1 Attract attention

For a promotional event to be a success, it needs to attract people – and that means attracting attention. Creating a buzz around your event can be done in many ways. You could mount an online campaign on social media, for example, creating a hashtag that links specifically with your event.

Whilst this is a great idea, what about on-the-day? A crowd of people milling about your event gives the impression that it is busy and other people’s interest will be piqued. They’ll come to take a look and before you know it, your Valentine day event will be full to the brim of interested people.

#2 Add something different to an event

Valentine’s day is all about romance and love, the prime day of the year that many people propose marriage to their partner.

It may be that you decide to tap into this romantic gesture by creating the perfect setting for this to happen. And there is nothing better than celebrating this with a crowd! Hiring a crowd of people is a great way of injecting fun into an event.

#3 Fun Valentine’s day promotional events

Valentine’s day is a fun time of year. Created in the 5th Century by the then Pope to promote love and marriage, it also has its origins in celebrating new life in spring.

This light-hearted approach to Valentine’s day is something that many brands will want to emulate. Hiring a crowd can be a great way of injecting the fun that your event needs.

Hiring a group of people doesn’t have to be just about hiring people but hiring actors, costume performers, singers, dancers… you name it!

#4 Add the element of surprise

Imagine your event in full swing, customers enjoying themselves when, by some invisible cue, people burst into song and dance, seemingly spontaneously. Hiring a flash mob is a great way to add fun and ‘stickiness’ to your event – in other words, people are likely to talk about it and share the experience for some time to come.

This is also a great way for your Valentine’s day event to go viral too, with people videoing the flash mob and sharing online.

Fun and memorable – hire a crowd for Valentine’s day events!

To find out more or to book a group of people, actors, dancers, singers, performers and more, simply email us or call the Booking Team on 0844 800 0071.