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6 Reasons Why Flash Mobs Really, Really Do Work

Flash mobs work. It’s a fact. As a marketing vehicle, they are simply amazing. They accomplish so much whether they are highlighting the beauty of Dulux paints or sending a message using the theatrical image that is Lady GaGa. At Rent a Crowd, we’ve done so many flash mobs and the reason why is that they work.

Have we mentioned that? But why?

#1 Flash mob deliver the element of SURPRISE!

The element of surprise never fails to entice or excite. People stop in wonder, amusement and awe. They enjoy the performance, enjoying an unexpected spectacle on their daily commute, a trip to the supermarket or a browse on the high street. Hard to miss and hard to resist, people will stop, stare in astonishment and enjoy it too. Of course, flash mobs can be anywhere, like this recent flash mob stunt we did for Paddy Power.

#2 Flash mobs have the potential to go viral

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Would you like your brand to go viral? Of course you would (if it is for the right reasons!). In other words, your brand name will be on everyone lips as videos of your flash mob advertising your latest promotion, product or service is shared time and time again online. The web of friendships and connections online are out of this world so just one person sharing their video on Twitter or Facebook could be seen by thousands of others. And if they all choose to share it… You get the picture, a bit like this amazing PR stunt we did recently…

#3 Flash mob marketing gets you noticed by the media

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Attracting attention from the media can be hard, especially when there seems to be so much else going on. When you invest in a flash mob stunt, you need to think through the whole project and that means having someone on hand to give post-flash mob interviews. You need a confident person who is able to deliver everything on the ‘script’, who can direct media hacks to where they can find more information. Make it a great flash mob performance, and you’ll find more than the local newspaper is interested.

#4 Unconventional, non-aggressive, effective marketing
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We live in a digital era where every time our eyes alight the screen, there seems to be an advert tailored to our personal preferences. In the ‘real’ world, advertising and marketing surround us everywhere, from posters in the bus stop to the leaflets pinned to stairwells of tube stations, information is everywhere. It overloads us so actually, we take little notice of it. Flash mob marketing brings promoting your brand, products and service alive but does so without being confrontational and aggressive. It’s different. It’s creative. It gets people talking, a bit like this flash mob promotion we did for a well known charity.

#5 Flash mobs introduce you to a whole new audience
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Expanding your customer base brings new markets and opportunities to you. But it’s hard work. Grabbing new customers takes a lot of time and effort. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Flash mobs are brilliant for reaching new people. But again, it means thinking through the whole of the activity and not just the performance itself. So you want flyering staff on hand to give out marketing info or better still, why not have a promotional team offering free samples to the thronging crowd that have gathered? Curiosity piqued, they’re bound to log on to find out more about you.

#6 Gone but NOT forgotten
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It’s a magical moment when the performers come together and deliver an exceptional performance. One minute they are ordinary people window shopping, the next they are singing and dancing… But there is also something magical about the way the group of performers disappear back into the crowd once the number is done. But the performance won’t be forgotten just yet, because all those people who witnessed will tell their spouse, their friends… and on and on it goes.

How to hire a flash mob
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Flash mobs are perfect for utilising as part of a creative marketing strategy. At Rent a Crowd, we do everything including finding the right people, putting the performance together, delivering it and more. Contact us today to find out more – 0844 800 0071.