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Ditch New Year Resolutions – and Have a Bucket List Instead!

As we stand on the precipice of 2018 and look forward to 2019, many of think of making a long list of New Year resolutions. From going to the gym to not eating cheese, we come up with ideas that we believe will make our lives better/nicer/easier/healthier, if we follow them.

The problem is that no matter how well-intentioned our resolutions for the new year are, they soon fall by the wayside. The change in routine and attitude is difficult to keep up and we ‘fail’, falling back into our old ways. 

Has the time come to ditch the New Year resolutions and make a bucket list instead? We think so…

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of experiences, achievements and challenges someone hopes to have or achieve in their lifetime. It isn’t necessarily time-limited (that is, must do in 2019 etc.) – you have the rest of your life to try paragliding – but it is a tool that can see us continually challenge ourselves to try new things.

Step outside your comfort zone and try the things you have always wanted to – doesn’t that sound better than denying yourself cheese for the rest of your life?

What can be on a bucket list?

There are literally thousands of things that you can add to your bucket list. Setting a theme for the coming year can help to refine and define what you hope to achieve in the coming 12 months.

So how about stepping outside your comfort zone with these ideas?

* Be part of a crowd – safety may lie in numbers but there is still something thrilling about being part of a hired crowd for a PR stunt, film project or corporate project. Why not make registering with us a bucket list activity and become involved in all kinds of projects and stunts near you?

* Travel – some bucket list additions take a bit of cash but you know what? Not every travel destination has been far-flung or tropical. Why not take in sights like the Tower of London or circumnavigate Scotland in a campervan? You could take a safari or enjoy the street food in Hong Kong if you have the budget too.

* Learn a new skill – if there is one thing that puts us right outside our comfort zone it is learning to do something new. Not everything has to be done to Olympic standard so when you sign up for your archery class or pot throwing, bear in mind this about challenging yourself to try something new and not competing with others. There are so many new skills you could pick up so tell us, what have always wanted to try? Maybe learn the tango or how to make up a wedding bouquet… there are so many!

* Milestones – there are things in life that we all want to achieve but for one reason or another, we just haven’t got round to doing it. Why not make 2019 the year you finally tick a milestone off your bucket list? Why not sit your GCSE Maths or enrol on that degree course…?

* Be spontaneous – but safe when you do something that is so off the wall, the thrill is exhilarating but also very scary. From bathing in a waterfall to a tandem skydive, feel the fear and so it anyway.

What’s on your bucket list?