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Hire a Crowd for Your St Patrick’s Day Event

It could be a festival in the park with a strong Irish flavour or it could be a city-centre event where you want to draw in the crowds to taste the very best St Patrick’s Day celebration ever. The downside of organising an event is not really knowing how many people will attend. You put so much hard work into organising the event, why not give it some fuel to rocket it to success and hire a crowd for your St Patrick’s Day event?

Why hire a crowd?

There are several benefits to hiring a crowd of people for your upcoming event…

#1 Crowds attract a crowd

There is a psychology behind hiring a group of people to attend your event. When we see a crowd gathering, we want to know what’s happening. And so we go to take a look and before you know it, you have a well-attended event.

#2 No one will ever know…

We offer a discreet hire a crowd service. We don’t advertise the fact that you hired people for the first two hours of your event to make it look busy and full so that others would be attracted to take a look…

#3 A versatile service

This isn’t just about hiring people to turn up and enjoy themselves. They can deliver so much more. They can congregate in a certain area, for example, welcoming guests as they walk on stage or cheer with joy when people arrive at your event. They can circulate and mingle, taking note of what people think of the event and feedback this important info to you so that next year, your event is an even bigger success.

#4 Great for publicity material

Marketing your event doesn’t just happen in the build-up to it but afterwards too. When people have enjoyed themselves, they are more likely to return. Publicity shots from one event can be used to advertise the next one. And with a happy, bustling crowd to take photos of, you have some great photographic material to use in the future.

#5 Get things going with a bang

There is nothing worse for attendees to arrive at an event to find that they are the first there – it all feels a bit awkward. You can know wave that awkwardness goodbye as your hired crowd can be the first people to arrive. You can hire hundreds or a handful of people, as many people as you think you need to get things going…

… and you can also signal the closing stages of the event by stipulating when you hire a crowd that they should leave at a certain time. As they start to melt away, other people will take an unconscious note of a change in the crowd and do the same themselves.

Hiring a crowd for St Patrick’s day is super easy

All you need to do is call us on 0844 800 0071 or use the contact form to get a free, no-obligation quote for your event.