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Hire a Crowd – What is Rent a Crowd?

Imagine, if you will, your next marketing campaign – you decide to take your product direct to customers. But you are in a crowded marketplace with competitors vying for attention. As a result, customer fatigue is commonplace. Whilst your campaign is ‘good’, it didn’t stand out. Now imagine the same scenario but with a marketing campaign that is driven by experiential marketing. Here’s how it works…

Hiring a crowd makes marketing STICKY & MEMORABLE

Experiential marketing is all about creating an experience that consumers won’t forget. Therefore, anything you need to do needs to be sticky and memorable.

The beauty of renting a crowd for PR stunts and campaigns is their versatility – what our hired crowd delivered for one client is rarely the same as for another.

YOU set the parameters for your project and with a detailed brief, our talented performers will create and deliver a PR stunt that will deliver exactly what you want – stickiness and memories.

To rent a crowd means to STAND OUT

No matter who you are or what you deliver, your marketing needs to stand out. Not matter what industry or sector, you face stiff competition.

Being talked about for all the right reasons is what every brand wants. Standing out is essential for both offline and online marketing.

The thing about rent a crowds and flash mobs is that they are viral-worthy. In other words, people whip out their phone, film it or photograph it then share it. And for you, this means success.

Renting a crowd is a great PR STUNT

The last point leads nicely into the third reason why hiring a crowd makes sense – and it comes in the shape of a brilliant PR stunt.

PR is all about being noticed. But any stunt needs to be more than ‘just a stunt’. People need to understand it, like it and, most importantly, associated it with your brand. Just as much as they talk about the stunt itself, you want them to also talk about you and your products.

Rent a crowd can do just that. They can make a launch event look busy and oversubscribed or flash mobs can bring the fun factor to your next PR stunt. Or a hired crowd can make an awards ceremony feel over-attended with a vibrant buzz to it…

You name it, to rent a crowd is to bring about a great PR stunt.

With a hired crowd of performers, your campaign will be SUCCESSFUL…

… but, it has to be driven by a strategy. Just hiring people to give a random performance in a shopping centre somewhere or to be part of a PR campaign will be a drop in the ocean.

A strategy defines what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to do it. Hiring a crowd could be just one tool that you use to meet these lofty goals.

Hire a crowd to make a fuss… a BIG FUSS

From people mingling seamlessly at your party to a standout, fun, talking point of a PR stunt, renting a crowd is a great move.

Even more so when you come to Rent a Crowd UK, a leading hire a crowd agency. With talented performers and promotional staff based across the country, no location is out of reach and no rent a crowd stunt too outlandish or quirky!

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