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Why use Flash Mobs?

Why use Flash MobsSpectacular and eye catching, Flash mobs are a perfect way to grab attention from both consumers and the media. Scenes of groups of people suddenly merging together to create a Flash mob have gone viral. The publicity impact is dramatic.

Noticing a gap in the market for businesses to take advantage of this new trend, we set up a service providing Flash Mobs on demand.

Whatever the group size you want, we can provide it.

Whatever the style you want, we have the people to suit – from photographers and security to promotions, models, actors and singers.

Heart UK wanted to highlight the importance of checking cholesterol regularly. We worked with their PR agency to create a mixed gender crowd of 100 people, many dressed as commuters tipped to shout out when 20 people in massive yellow chub suits representing cholesterol meandered among them on the Charing Cross Station escalators.

No matter how detailed the demand, we can help. It is even possible to provide crowds matching a specific demographic or age bracket. With over 10,000 people on our register, we guarantee to have the ideal people to make up the crowd you require.

What type of events can benefit from crowds?

Crowds and flash mobs can make a dramatic impact at all kinds of events. Opening a restaurant or shop, holding a press conference, film premiere or undertaking a special promotion – the more people around the more likely you are to gain publicity. Renting a crowd from us will immediately attract attention on the day.

Need lots of people to provide a busy background for a film scene? Our people can act as extras in films, adding extra impact to important scenes. Filming a scene in a market or a shop looks much more realistic when there are people meandering around looking at stalls, buying products or stopping for a quiet chat.

It is not just high profile events that can benefit from using a crowd. We have even supplied crowds to support marriage proposals and attend birthday parties.

If you just want people to stand around and make your venue or event appear popular, to greet you or guarantee someone will attend your event – look no further than Rentacrowd. We took part in a PR stunt in Leicester Square, London to promote an awards ceremony held by a popular online retailer. Attendees enjoyed a red carpet experience as our crowd complete with paparazzi photographers gathered cheering around the entrance – it was so successful that passers by joined in!

What next?

Hiring a crowd is very simple. Just email us, or call and chat through your event. We wait for your call