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The Top PR Stunts of 2017

1.‘The Ring’
One of the old school horror films ever made created the perfect way to comeback. Pranking the public in New York. How the prank worked: sales staff approached the public and gave them a sales pitch before a little child would appear from behind screens scaring the unsuspected shoppers.

2. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’.
2 metre statues were placed along coastlines across the UK, to promote the latest film in the series. They were replicas of characters from the film and were found in places such as Brighton, Birling Gap, Portsmouth and Eastbourne.

3. ‘The Perfect Mum’
Baby Dove launches in London with the image of a beautiful, confident and flawless blonde woman, asking is there a perfect mum?

4. ‘Two Hour Marathon’
Nike get involved with attempted to break the 2-hour marathon record by providing runner with the latest ‘science approved’ kit. Aiming to smash the record.

5. ‘The Gin Train’
Bombay Sapphire, allowed travellers the opportunity to move in style and with gin. The immersive ‘gin train’ allowed ticket holders the chance to travel from Java to Ghana and Tuscany whilst drinking gin style cocktails and being entertained by performers.

6. ‘First LED Track’
Nike created the first ever LED track which allowed keen runners the opportunity in running against an avatar version of themselves.

7. ‘Smart Benches’
Cancer Research installed Smart Benches across London, allowing commuters and the locals to be able to donate to the charity by contactless payment. They also provided interest access to the public.

8. ‘Wonderful Every Night’
Ikea attempted to change the nations bedtime routines and habits, by encouraging us to switch off our tablets, iPhones and other devices, enjoy our evenings and take sleeping more seriously!

9.’Find your flow’
The sports drink brand, Lucozade, gave away a free tube ride to commuters by providing them with a bottle of their drink with contactless payment.

10. ‘Run for your Bun!’
A café in London opened that accepted exercise as payment in a way to tackle the UK’s issue with obesity.

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