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rent a crowd of people londonRent A Crowd of Lady Gaga’s in London

A hundred-strong army of Lady Gagas marched on parliament to urge Eric Pickles to reject the proposals for a redevelopment 
plan that’s set to gut London’s historic Smithfield General Market and replace it with a modern office block complex.

The Secretary of State, Eric Pickles is soon set to make his decision on whether to approve Henderson’s bid to redevelop the historic Smithfield Market site. As part of the last opportunity to ensure that the alternative SAVE Britain’s Heritage campaign supported by Cathedral is given due consideration,  our client thought they would make some noise!  At 7am they left Westminster Bridge with a herd of Lady Gaga lookalikes just outside Parliament. They had their #SaveSmithfield placards and were certainly causing a stir during the morning commute.  

To support the campaign or to find out more please like their facebook page

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