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6 Ways to Liven Up Marketing with a Flashmob

Same old thing, over and over again… marketing products and services shouldn’t be a drudge. Injecting bounce and vigour into your next marketing campaigns is on the cards, however, when you hire a flashmob.

Flashmobs connect with a whole new audience

A new product or service, or even a re-branded one, could reach an audience that you haven’t traditionally aimed for. Some of the marketing ploys you used for one customer demographic won’t necessarily work with another audience.

Flashmobs, however, have the potential to connect and reach new audiences.

Flashmobs are affordable PR stunts

Whatever marketing you do, whether that’s pushing leaflets through doors or hiring a flashmob to capture attention, it needs to yield results.

And you want more sales and exposure from these results than you spend on marketing. The good news is, with flashmobs, that exactly what you get: an affordable PR stunt that yields a high return on investment (providing that the stunt is aimed at the right people!).

Flashmob marketing is ‘sticky’, unaggressive, and unconventional

A good marketing campaign should disrupt the marketplace. In other words, it should force a product or service (or brand) in front of customers. It should make them question why they always use a certain brand over another.

But this kind of marketing can be too aggressive for some, putting them off buying a product. Flashmobs do disrupt, they are unconventional too so that makes them memorable or ‘sticky’ as it is sometimes known.

Flashmobs boost your marketing reach

Post-lockdown trading conditions are very tough, for everyone. As a brand, you’ll be keen to continue innovating and improving what you offer. Pushing forward is key to business survival and that means double-down on your marketing efforts.

Hiring a flashmob for a PR stunt outside of your high street premises, to draw attention to a product or to showcase that you are open again are just three ways in which you can use this marketing tool.

This kind of marketing has the potential to ‘go viral’

Seriously, which business wouldn’t want to go viral (for all the right reasons)? At any time, this would be a welcome boost for business but with everything post-lockdown being so slow, lumpy and uncertain, it would certainly be very welcome.

Flashmobs are perfect for viral campaigns. Not too contrived to look false or set up, a dancing, singing flashmobs is the light relief that we are all looking for right now.

Unforgettable flashmob marketing

Marketing campaigns that stick in the memory do so because they resonate with people. Who can resist the meerkat characters of Compare the Meerkat campaign or Tukker, the dog in the new AA adverts

Hiring a flashmob has the same effect. Whether you have a cluster of Lady Gaga’s bringing attention to a campaign or a group of professional performers bringing an upbeat routine to the local shopping centre, it’s memorable.

Hire a flashmob

Our performers are available at locations across the UK so we have you covered! Call us to find out more – 0844 800 0071.