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What are some of the Top PR Stunts (in our opinion) in 2021?

Football mania reached fever pitch in 2021, as England reached the finals of the Euro championship. It certainly proved a popular link for PR stunts.

With almost everyone talking about football, it was hard to get people to think about other topics. Budweiser Light decided to use it to its advantage, creating a lively drinks stunt. Cardboard boxes appeared everywhere bearing the faces of all the England players. Accompanying these ‘Boxheads’ was the slogan ‘Beer you can drink. Box you can wear.’ The idea was simple – drink the alcohol then wear the box to become your favourite player! This lighthearted campaign matched the way in which Bud Light promotes itself as a brand not to be taken seriously.

It wasn’t just drink that made the top stunts list of 2021. Weetabix and Heinz combined to create a sense of fun and lighten the mood of the nation just as the third lockdown was underway. Weetabix came up with the idea of combining Weetabix with Heinz baked beans, sending out images of the unusual mix accompanied with the words ‘Why should bread have all the fun, when there’s Weetabix?’ Other companies quickly joined in the fun, with the NHS even commenting “This tweet should come with a health warning’.

The year ended as it started, with Covid causing problems. But in the US, shoppers were kept laughing in the supermarket shopping aisles when they unwarily picked up boxes of Stouffer’s Lasagna only to find that a well known Christmas tune started playing. All the boxes had been designed to feature a special festive button providing 15 seconds of a Christmassy jingle.

Not all the stunts were light hearted in 2021. One of the most successful had a very sombre theme. As leaders of the G7 countries met at Carbis Bay in Cornwall, they could hardly fail to miss the giant Mount Rushmore-style sculpture of their combined heads rising up on the beach. Nicknamed Mount Recyclemore, each head had been sculpted out of discarded electronics. It was the brainchild of recommerce retailer MusicMagpie working with sculptor Joe Rush. Designed to highlight the growing problem of electronic waste across the planet, the stunt proved all too successful with images being posted worldwide.

Need to hire people for your own PR Stunt?

As a New Year dawns, PR companies are already busy thinking up innovative, eye catching stunts. If you need to hire people to get involved then get in touch.