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Rent a Crowd in Manchester for PR Stunts, Events and More!

With a population of over half a million, it’s no wonder that you are looking to hold your next event in the city of Manchester. But like all PR stunts and events, you want it to be a success. With the right marketing aimed at the right people, it should be the popular and talked-about event you hoped for. And that’s why hiring a crowd in Manchester could also be a step in the right direction.

Why hire a crowd?

Hiring a crowd will be beneficial to your Manchester event for many reasons;

  • Attract a crowd with a crowd – humans are naturally curious. When we see people gathered in an area, we wonder what is going on… the majority of us will walk on over to see what is happening. Renting a crowd of actors or promotional staff will attract attention, something no event organiser would want to turn down.
  • Looks busy, fun and vibrant – again, this is all about crowd psychology. When you hire a crowd in Manchester whether that is a handful of people for a PR stunt or hundreds of people for your event, an assembled group of people enjoying themselves will make your event even more inviting!
  • Promotion and marketing at its best – our actors, performers and promotional staff understand the power of hiring a crowd for events in Manchester. This is why our service is more than just ‘a group of people turning up’. They engage with the event and with the activities on offer. In other words, hiring a crowd is not passive promotion but an opportunity to explore how your Manchester-based event can be bigger and better.

Rent a crowd – what can promotional staff do?

You’ll find many case studies of just how effective hiring a crowd of people can be to promote an event.

As well as swelling the numbers who attend, a hired crowd can be performers, actors, singers and dancers who, on cue, can perform as a flash mob.

The potential for this to go viral on social media is high and that means an even bigger reach for your event.

The reasons why hiring a crowd is so successful is because it is a memorable promotion and advertising. In today’s frantic, fast-paced world, brands have event less time to make an impact on potential customers, fans and followers.

In other words, marketing needs to be memorable, something that is also described as ‘sticky marketing’. It means making an immediate emotional connection and impact with people that they instantly appreciate, understand and engage with.

There are various ways of doing this but as our case studies show, hiring a crowd of people with the right promotional skills is one avenue that if you choose to explore it, will deliver results.

Get the right results – hire a crowd in Manchester!

With our database of experienced, professional promotional staff, we know we have the right people for your event. Contact us to find out more!