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Rent a Crowd for a Unique Marriage Proposal

Marriage and weddings are steeped in traditions, as are marriage proposals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a marriage proposal truly unique, romantic and wonderful.

Back in the days where knights used to roam the realm, dropping down onto one knee was a sign of subservience. It was a spiritual move too as kings and queens were God’s chosen ones. This act of chivalry was a romantic notion we fell in love with and hence, anyone seeking the hand in marriage of another will drop to their knee in an almost-pleading stance.

The surprise of the moment is just as welcome as the proclamation of love. But have you thought how you will make your proposal a little different?

Marriage proposals with a difference

Doing ‘something different’ is what many people aim for when it comes to popping the question. There are thousands of examples, many of which can prove to be sources of inspiration…

  • A rollercoaster ride – if your other half enjoys the thrill of the funfair, proposing on the Big Dipper is a great move.
  • A family portrait – gather the family for an official portrait and just as the shutter clicks, drop to your knee and ask the question! The look of surprise will be captured on faces, a priceless photo for years to come.
  • Enlist the help of veg – why not hire a crowd to wear carrot costumes to chant “marry me?” over and over to your loved one looks on slightly confused. It worked for one Korean guy whose girlfriend, once she got over the shock of 48 dancing carrots, said yes.

Or rent a crowd for a marriage proposal

Hiring a group of performers to set the scene is a wonderful idea. At Rent a Crowd, we have performers all across the UK so whether you want a small group of 10 in Glasgow or a 100 in Garforth, we have the people to make it happen.

We’re not new to this either. We’ve worked with many a partner looking to create the perfect surprise proposal. We’ve supplied actors who pretended to be the person’s boss, we had performers acting as colleagues on a ‘works training weekend’, we’ve mingled in the background and pulled out our best dance moves to create an event that is personal and wonderful.

Organising this kind of proposal is easy too. Our organisational powers are well-honed too. Once we know what you want, where and when, we put together a shortlist of our local performers and actors.

They’ll have all the details that they need to make a great impression. And when the time is right, we do exactly what you need us to do.

In the middle of it all, you can pop the all-important question. In our experience, the answer is always yes. Especially if you get the backdrop just right!

Creating a stand-out marriage proposal

Renting a crowd for a marriage proposal is a great way to organise something completely unique. Get in touch with our team to find out more. Our service is confidential so you are assured that the big surprise won’t be spoilt by  status on Facebook or an ill-timed tweet.

Get creative with our rent a crowd team! Call us now on 0844 800 0071 or pop us a message using the contact form.