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How to live the lifestyle of the famous…

We have all aspired to be like someone famous, having watched them on the big screen or watched them rock out at your favourite music festival to seeing them on a big billboard advertising your new favourite brand. They have thousands of admiring fans on their social media platforms, people chasing them down the street for a photo opportunity and are the talk inside gossip magazines.

There are several different ways to become famous, though the road to fame is not easy, it can take months or even many years, even the overnight sensations often have hours behind the scenes of practice and experience. In addition to being prepared to put in a lot of hard work, you will need the correct motivation, this should not be money driven, but an endeavour to be a success in the area you wish to be famous in.

In the growing age of the internet and social media platforms, such as Youtube, Instagram and Tik-Tok you can use these to help grow your popularity and most importantly a brand – this brand is something you have to consider in depth whilst becoming famous, how do you portray yourself on these platforms and in the public eye.

Tips on how to become famous…

Social Media – as mentioned previously there are many social media platforms which you can use to propel yourself into fame, such as Tik-Tok where there has been a steep rise in people becoming famous in recent months on this platform. Though a lot of people may spend hours editing/producing these short videos behind the scenes. There are also platforms like Youtube which is like Tik-Tok, a good platform to create vlogs on (video blogs) or Facebook/Twitch to start streaming different events/games that you play. Please don’t give up your day job though, as there are millions of people using these platforms.

Television, Film and Radio – This avenue to fame and fortune is a harder path to walk, it may take longer for you to become a success, starting off in small or amateur productions, it’s important to use your flair, such acting, hosting or journalism. You will need to build a portfolio of different examples of your work and sign up to an agency who can help find you the next role or work.

Music & Talent – If you are into music or have a talent, there are multiple routes to fame that can be explored, such as being in a band (who doesn’t want to be in a band?) though this will be a hard path to fame, where you will need to take the time to compose good music, complete tours and marketing campaigns to get your name noticed. It can also be a low pay with years of hard work, though if you are passionate enough you will enjoy yourself more. Meanwhile, it is a similar story with a talent, such as magic, dancing and even impersonations, there are programmes such as Britain’s Got Talent you can apply for or you can start on the streets doing performances where you may become viral.

At the end of the day it is up to your perseverance and dedication to follow your dreams and have the correct attitude to become famous. You will have some hard times, though eventually it will all pay off (you may even become rich!) – just don’t do anything to become famous for the wrong reasons.