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hire people for world record attemptsWorld Record Attempts

People would do some insane things to hitch into the record books. Nevertheless, some world-record possessors are born with some physical anomalies and record-breaking genes such as world’s shortest or longest person or people with gigantic tongue. On the other hand, the Guinness Book of World Records is abundant with some astonishingly weird and fun attempts accomplished with large group of people.

Here are some of the strangest records skillfully done by group of participants around the world:

Float like a Butterfly
An assortment of 261 staff of hotel in 2014 made an attempt in honor to upgrade and expand Jordan’s flagging tourism industry by endorsing the greatest resting on water image and breaking Guinness World Record in the Dead Sea.

Judge by the Seeds you Plant
As large as 1215 farmers belong from Taiwan coordinated each other in splitting Guinness World Record by implanting rice seedlings in as minimum time as 16 minutes and 20 seconds. Altogether the land they seed down was about 5.1 acres.

Beating Up Cancer Balloons
As a part of Break Cancer campaign, 50 plus people tore the Cancer by bursting and beating cancer named balloons.

A Clean place is a Safe Place
292 folks around the Tokyo region made record by vacuum cleaning under the supervision of two big merchandisers of Japan. This event showed up on 30 May 2016.

Play Your Spades Right
About 2992 citizens simultaneously played a card game, took place In China on 16 October 2016.

Give your Face a New Color
Gary Cole of USA made record for painting overall 217 different faces in just an hour with the usage of minimum three colors on single face. This record was done under the sponsorship of Grimas, held in UK on 1 September 2007.

Are you MJ’s fan?
With more than 13,000 admirers, one of the Michael Jackson’s mimicker foots in aim to celebrate birthday of the late singer on best seller song “Thriller”. This huge dance was held in Mexico and broke the Guinness World Record.

404 Einstein Look-Alikes holding E=mc2
This was the world record attempt for the most Albert Einstein look a likes ever gathered in single corner of Toronto. With the previous attempt done with help of 304 participants, this time they topped it with 404 people dressed like the world’s most famous theoretical physicist. Everyone had white moustache and white wigs on their head. This whole record setter gathering was to set initiative for the next big idea and concept of free thinking.

Roar that wakes up the dead
On Feb 13, 2017, 130.4 decibels of noise at indoor sports was created to break the Kentucky’s Guinness record, held in USA. This record was accomplished by admirers of the Kansas Jayhawks (USA) at the men’s basketball game with the rivals of West Virginia.

Attendance Counts!
Soccer stadium are filling up more than ever in past. Atlanta is a soccer city and they yet again made it by creating MLS-record crowd archived as 4th bulkiest attendance in the world.

Jumping from the 19,000 feet
A new world record was built with help of 165 skydivers including professional and amateur and 7 aircrafts who took entirely 75 seconds to complete hand-in-hand and head-down formation while doing free-fall. It was done in the skies of Chicago with such a horde of people falling out of aircrafts. This whole stunt is like a puzzle, it’s a matter of putting right people at right places so the whole puzzle fits together. There is tons of coordination needed to reach 175mph.

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