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Hints and Tips for Extras and Rent-a-Crowd Participants

At Rent a Crowd, we provide large groups of people for all kinds of promotional and marketing events, as well as TV and film work. It is a popular service that we offer, with big brand names, advertising agencies and film and TV production companies turning to us for professional extras and performers.

But being part of our rent a crowd team comes with responsibilities. It may seem laughable, but it is true that the confidentiality required from our extras and performers for TV and commercial work is paramount.

Some of the work you will be involved in is commercially sensitive and so, we have created this list of hints and tips for extras, performers and rent a crowd participants.

You need to be aware that publishing details of any of the events or productions you are involved in could lead to legal action against you.

Read, sign and abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement

When you arrive on set or at the venue, you may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Most of these are fairly standard but as with any document, make sure you read throughout before you sign it. You also need to understand it and any special clauses in it. If you don’t understand anything and need it clarifying, ask the member of the production crew assigned to looking after you whilst on set.

We take our professional relationship with clients seriously. If you break any non-disclosure agreement intentionally or otherwise, it could lead to you being removed from the set, from our database and you could face legal action from the client too. Even if you don’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, you are still expected NOT to publicly share details of the production or event.

Do NOT discuss the production

It is exciting, being an extra. For some of our extras and rent a crowd participants, they have been part of some of their favourite TV shows, stood alongside stars and celebrities and been part of viral marketing campaigns.
It can be hard keeping all this to yourself, but you need to be careful who you share this with. For example, sharing a post on Facebook or sending a tweet can spell disaster for you and for us.

Be sensible about your day on set and never share publicly what you are doing, who with, where you are etc.

Do NOT take photos on set

We know just how tempting it is when your favourite actor walks on by to ask for a selfie and then share it on every social media platform you can think of BUT, extras are considered to be professionals and are expected to act as such.

There are opportunities to have photos taken etc. but doing so on set is ‘not the done thing’. Sharing them online will see you removed from our books. And again, there is the possibility the production’s legal team could be in touch with you …

Unsure of arrangements?

If you need to clarify any arrangements regarding your day on set, call or email us. Do not use our social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Be a professional extra!

Our extras and performers services are in high demand and no wonder as we have some of the most talented people in the industry. But we also have a reputation for professional extras and performers too.

If you are unsure of anything, please call us and think twice before you tweet or share a post about your work!

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