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hire staff for a PR stuntWhat is a publicity stunt?

A publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public’s attention. Publicity stunts can be set up by amateurs or professionally organised. Events like this are frequently utilised by athletes, celebrities, politicians and advertisers.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral advertising, viral marketing or marketing buzz are all words that refer to marketing techniques. We use these in pre-existing social networking sites, services and other technology to try and increase the awareness of a certain brand or to achieve other objectives and targets that are set. It can be informed by mouth or word or can be exaggerated by mobile and internet networks. Viral advertising is personal and doesn’t mean businesses pay for its distribution, even though it comes from an identified sponsor. Most of the worlds well known viral ads that are circling the internet are paid for by a sponsor company that are launched either on social media apps and websites such as YouTube or launched on their own platform. People called consumers are either sent the page link from a social media network or copy the whole ad from a website and will pass it onto other people by email or putting it in a webpage, blog or on a social media profile. Viral marketing might take the form of video clips, advergames, e-books, interactive flash games, images, brandable software, text messages, web pages or emails. The most commonly used transmission for viral messages include: incentive based, trendy based, pass along based and undercover based. However, the creative nature of viral transmission can enable an endless amount or potential forms that vehicle the messages so that they can utilise transmission, including mobile devices.
The term “viral marketing” has also been used to refer to stealth marketing campaigns. These are marketing strategies that advertise a product to people without them knowing that they are being marketed to.

Need to hire staff for a Publicity Stunt or Viral Marketing?

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