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Use Flash Mobs to revitalise your marketing strategyUse Flash Mobs to revitalise your marketing strategy

Is it time to revitalise your marketing style? Tired, uncompetitive marketing strategies don’t produce the results you need. It can be hard trying to constantly come up with new ideas especially towards the end of a busy year. Finding something which will attract attention and potential go viral on social media may seem impossible but we may have the answer – a Flash Mob.

Disruptive, lively and fun

Flash mobs are exactly that – unexpected, attention grabbing, lively and a disruptive force within traditional marketing plans. Rent-a-Crowd are specialists in creating Flash Mobs. We know how to make a quiet normal day suddenly change into something spectacular, capturing the attention of everyone within the vicinity.

Flash mobs are precisely that. A group of people who appear out of nowhere and suddenly start singing, dancing, laughing, clapping, cheering. People stop, look and often join in because it is human nature to be curious and entertained.

Why is crowd hire successful?

Flash mobs represent experiential marketing at its best. It offers person to person contact, bringing your brand to life. It’s fun, amusing, eye-catching, different and puts smiles on faces. It’s a great way to attract attention, and balance out your online or offline marketing since you can add in staff to hand out leaflets, coupons and sample products. Quite simply, the sheer fun and colour makes people smile and talk about it.

Flash mob ideas

Flash mobs can appear anywhere, any time. We have worked with lots of companies to make events happen. Some types of flash mobs are particularly popular

Add some red carpet glamour

One of our clients wanted to use a Hollywood theme for their annual sales conference. We arranged for a flash mob taking pictures, seeking autographs and clapping to greet employees as they walked along a red carpet to the entrance.

Product launches

Making a new product stand out in a crowded marketplace is never easy. Use a flashmob crowd to gather around your display, capturing attention, trying out the product, talking about it, and generally attracting interest. As a result, other people soon start taking a look, wanting to know what is happening and interact with your promotional team,

Bring an element of fun

The sudden arrival of an all dancing, all singing, flash mob especially when they reveal character costumes makes everyone smile and take photos for social media. There is an immediate buzz, and lots of interest.

We’ve got hundreds more ideas. Just get in touch with us to discuss the possible options.

Bring your marketing strategy alive – hire a flash mob to add some fun

Talk to us now to find what a flash mob can do for you. It makes the perfect PR stunt or promotional activity. All you need to do is give us a ring on 0844 800 0071 or fill in the form below.