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Going Viral – Social Media Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again

Efficient marketing is the only way to attract buyers. But standing out in a crowded marketplace can be hard, especially if competitors are already active. Video is proving a very successful means to achieve this.

Social media has given brands an extensive target market. Everyone has the same opportunity to make an impact. Using videos can make a difference.

Vertical Video

Vertical videos take up less space on mobile feeds.

Don’t make videos look too staged.

Everyone likes to know what happens behind the scenes. Such videos immediately capture people’s interest.

Showcase your brand using staff or customers to give entertaining reviews

Flashmobs instantly attract attention. Just imagine the scene – a quiet location where everyone is going about their normal business when suddenly a group of people burst into song, start dancing or acting out a scene. It is human nature to stop and look, and nowadays to quickly upload to social media. The resultant videos often go viral being shared thousands of times by viewers.

Ad hoc videos can often gain the most attention. They don’t have to be professionally shot, just created by ordinary people in the course of their work. The grainier and less staged the video, the more popular it often becomes.

Just like any form of marketing activity, videos have to work hard to promote your brand. Micro videos lasting just 10 to 30 seconds can be just as powerful as a 2 minute professionally created film when shared across social media. It is not just the content, but the method of sharing and how often people pass it on.

Quick Reactions
The arrival of the internet has meant that events can have an instant effect. Within minutes of being launched, thousands of people know about an event. Word is passed fast throughout the internet. Just look at how fast knowledge of terrorist atrocities, controversial legal decisions can spread.

Reacting to a light hearted news story can create a valuable social media micro-moment. Often poking fun at your own brand can attract positive attention as long as you choose your news item wisely.

After all – an image can be worth a thousand words as it stays in the memory for longer.