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A few tips for Extras and Rent-A-Crowd participants

Are you considering work as an extra or Rent-a-crowd participant? Here’s a few hints to maximise the benefits you can gain.

Demand for large crowds to take part in promotional and marketing events is increasing, as well as in TV and films. There are lots of opportunities to take part in Rent-A-Crowd activities with top companies, brands, TV & film production businesses. Extras and performers are needed on a regular basis.

But it is not just performing to order. You do have to accept that you cannot talk about what you are doing. Some of the work you do is confidential, and commercially sensitive.

Read and sign the Non Disclosure agreements

Often when you arrive on a set, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Make sure you read through it carefully before signing. There may be special clauses that must be accepted. If you don’t understand it, talk to a member of staff first before signing.

This is very important. If you sign it and then, even accidentally break a clause in that agreement, it could lead to legal action being brought against you. That can be costly, both financially and in terms of your future career.

Even if a non-disclosure agreement is not required, you are still required to keep quiet about the event, and not share details on social media or anywhere else.

Do Not talk about your work

It is always tempting to talk about your experiences on a film or production set to friends and family. You might be working alongside famous names, celebrities or part of a big campaign. Even sharing a post on Facebook or Tik Tok can cause problems for you and for us, your employer. Reputations are at stake.

Do not take photographs

Your favourite actor has just walked past you – taking a quick photo on your phone and sharing it among your friends is tempting likewise taking a selfie with a celebrity. Bear in mind that legal teams will be looking out for any breaks in confidentiality – and it can be costly.

Remember that you are a professional and you have to behave in a totally professional way at all times. This is a job, not a self promotional exercise.

Unsure of anything

Contact us if you are unsure about any arrangements such as hours of work or breaks. Use the phone or email. Don’t contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Be Professional at all times

You never know who might be watching you. Our extras and performers are always in demand, and include some highly talented people.