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Lady gaga PR SuntLady Gaga crowd takes over in London

Back in 2017 a crowd of one hundred of Lady Gagas marched on parliament to urge politicians to reject the development and change of site to a modern office complex. Smithfeild market has been operating for over 800 years, and many loyal customers along with the PR stunt of Lady Gaga’s took to the street to raise awareness of the pending closure.

Lady Gaga was carefully chosen for the stunt due to her famous stunt in 2010 when she attended the MTV music awards wearing a dress manufactured of beef.

Following a successful campaign to put the cause in the eye of the public, alongside SAVE (Britain’s Heritage campaign), the market contuinues to trade successfully in Farringdon.

To support the campaign or to find out more please like their facebook page

So, how does hiring a crowd work?

Hiring a crowd for an event involves renting a collection of people to attend an even. The events can raise from simply boosting number through to TV commercials. We have the pleasure of dealing with all sorts of weird and wonderful requirements and will be able to help with any request.

Rent-a-crowd is a great way for a company to promote a product with instant impact. It can quickly give the appearance that something is attracting people to the event. The motivation for a business to employ a crowd is because it can generate real interest from the general public who will be keen to see what all the fuss is about! This can often create a ripple effect when people in the general public also become interested to get close to the action.

Hire a crowd of people for a PR stunt

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