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Rejuvenate Your Marketing with Flash Mobs!

Is your marketing plan failing to produce results? Does it look tired, mirroring what your competitors are doing? Have you run out of creative marketing ideas? You need a flash mob…

Coming up with fresh, new, innovative marketing ideas is difficult at the best of times. But when your creative juices have stopped flowing, albeit temporarily, creating a marketing campaign that creates a buzz and hits your target audience is nigh on impossible.

Could a flash mob be the answer?

At Rent a Crowd, we know all about the power of a crowd when it comes to marketing. As a species, we are naturally curious. When a crowd gathers around a trade show stand or an event is busy, bustling and full of people, others naturally gravitate to the spot.

A flash mob brings a crowd alive. One minute, everyone is going about their normal business but the next, there is a spontaneous singing, dancing, laughter, clapping, whopping… no matter what you want a flash mob to do to attract attention, we have the performers to do it.

Fantastic flash mob ideas

We’ve noticed an increase in flash mob popularity but how can you use your hired crowd of performers?

* Red carpet glamour – we worked with a client recently who was hosting their annual sales conference with a Hollywood theme. As employees arrived, they were greeted like Hollywood stars with a crowd of hired performers cheering, clapping, taking selfies and hunting for autographs.
* Product launches – launching a new product but need to fight your way into a competitive market? Stand out with a hired crowd who will gather around your event, show interest and generally attract other customers ready for your promotional team to interact with.
* Create a buzz – an all singing, all dancing flash mob is a joy to behold and so when you want to pique interest and create a serious buzz around your product or brand, there is no better way of doing it than with a flash mob.

These are just three examples – we have hundreds more which you can find out by emailing the Rent a Crowd team.

Flash mobs and experiential marketing – why are they successful?

We live in a world where we are swamped by technology. Online marketing is powerful but there is no compensation for connecting with your customers face to face.
Bringing your marketing endeavours to life, flash mobs and hiring a crowd will also translate well from offline marketing activities (handing out flyers, discount vouchers and so on) to your online marketing efforts (just think of all those online and social media shares…)

Flash mobs are different, something fun and happy that puts smiles on faces and lifts, just for a minute or two, the gloom of everyday life.

It can feel like a short burst of marketing but build the right strategy behind it, hire the right flash mob crowd, deliver the experience with conviction and punch, and you’ll find people will be talking about it and your brand for some time to come.

Leaving boring marketing behind- hire a flash mob

To find out more about the power of experiential marketing and why hiring a crowd or a flash mob makes sense for your next PR stunt or marketing promotion, call us today on 0844 800 0071.

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