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Wave Goodbye to Tired, Dull Marketing – Hire a Flash Mob

A successful marketing campaign or public relations stunt is one that grabs attention and holds it. Exciting and high octane, you can never accuse flash mob marketing of being tired or even predictable. Maybe that’s why so many more clients are contacting us to hire flash mobs for their marketing campaigns?

What is a flash mob?

A flash mob is a group of performers who create the exciting backdrop that clients want to their campaigns or stunts. We often think of flash mobs as groups of people who spontaneously burst into song and dance their way through a number. In the end, despite the rapturous applause, they seamlessly blend into the crowd that has gathered to watch them. From train stations to shopping malls, they create a buzz that leaves people smiling and enjoying the whole stunt.

But flash mobs can be so much more than this. Recently, we have worked with clients who needed a larger group of performers to create a sense of atmosphere around what they were planning;

  • Crowds attracting crowds

Have you noticed that when a crowd gathers around something, it attracts attention? It could be someone lying on the street needing help or a group of people gathering around a trade show booth. Recently, we work with a client providing people for a sales conference.

With groups of people gathered around a demonstration of sampling station, more people were drawn to the area, meaning that promotional staff had a ready audience.

Mum’s the word! Many of our clients want to hire large crowds of shoppers or an interested audience of their event but don’t necessarily want everyone to know that some people at their event have been hired to be there. This is no problem for us because we understand – as do our seasoned performers – that confidentiality and discretion are key for many of our clients.

  • Flash mobs adding noise and interest to an event

There are some events where a client needs excitement and fizz to bubble along but people are naturally reserved. And when this is the case, an experiential marketing event can feel like a long, hard slog. But when you are people in the crowd who are excited, happy and making noise, you’ll find that the rest of the crowd follow suit.

Again, you need performers, people who understand the psychology of performance and how other people will copy those around them They do all this with the marketing goal for the client’s event in mind.

Experiential marketing is when marketing is brought to life, quite literally, It involves people and creative means of creating a buzz around a brand, product or service. It leaves a lasting, favourable impression with your consumers, meaning that they are more likely to not only buy from you but remember your brand for all the right reasons too.

  • Flash mobs adding glamour and ‘razzle dazzle’

Recently, we’ve also noticed an increase in requests from clients who want to add glitz, glamour and razzle-dazzle to an event. Maybe this is indicative of the tough economic times we’ve endured over the last few years. At an event, a client wants to add a hint of luxury and opulence. And so no wonder our flash mob teams have been enjoying themselves at conferences and other corporate events, adding glitz to the red carpet by asking for autographs and selfies with event ‘stars’ and more!

Theming an event is a great way of adding a little extra va-va-voom to the annual works conference or corporate event, the Christmas party included. At Rent a Crowd, we have the performers needed for any flash mob, no matter what a client is looking for including red carpet glamour with autograph hunters or singing and dancing mob for a PR stunt.

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