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Ideas for Your Brand’s YouTube Content

Easily accessible and quickly devoured, video is the perfect solution when it comes to brand content. Every 60 seconds, 400 hours of video are uploaded to the YouTube channel, making it a very busy platform. But adding to this doesn’t mean your brand will be swallowed – it means it will stand out even more! From personal brands to business brands on YouTube, here are nine great ideas for video content.

#1 About us

Go back to basics! When was the last time you talked about your brand, how it was formed and who the main players of it are? Consumers love stories and they like to get to know a brand, as well as understand what it’s all about. An ‘about us’ video is a great start. Why not develop it into a series?

#2 The culture and ethos of your brand

Brand culture, its voice and persona are more important today than they ever were. People want to know who your brand is. They want to know what makes you tick. A video on your brand, with insights into the working life of a brand employee, is the perfect topic for a vid or two.

#3 Ask us!

Like a FAQ page on your website, inviting your audience to send in their questions about your brand or industry is a great way to get content not just for one video but for many, many more. They can be great fun too!

#4 Don’t forget the humour

The personality of your brand will attract similar people with the same kind of personality.

Opposites may attract but there is a comfort in familiarity. And so showing character with your style and sense of humour is a great way of making your YouTube videos and content appealing to the right audience. The next time you make an episode for your YouTube channel, could you inject humour?

#5 Create a story

Storytelling is as old as the cave paintings discovered across the globe. As humans, we are programmed to respond to a well-crafted narrative – just look at the way your favourite novel sucked you in. There is something attractive and accessible about a story. Don’t assume that every YouTube video has to be a standalone one. Add a narrative to create a series of videos that link together. Instead of just scripting video content, add a stronger storytelling element to it.

#6 Explaining videos

Have you ever wondered which is the right way to use metal foil in the oven? Why is it that coffee should be kept in the fridge? Explainer videos are always a big hit because they can reveal the explanation behind the things we have always wondered about but have never asked. Explaining the why makes great video content…

#7 How to videos

… as do instructional videos. How do you wallpaper around a corner or get the last bits out of a tube of toothpaste? When the how-to video links to your brand, there is added value.

#8 Feature your customers

Just like testimonials online or reviews on third party websites are great for your online brand persona, so too are YouTube videos that feature real-life stories of your customers or clients. Clearly, these take a little more planning but with your customers agreeing to it, there is nothing better than customers telling other customers about your brand.

#9 Product demonstrations

And finally, promoting your products and services is possible with YouTube videos – and why not? – and product demos on video make the perfect content. Especially the outtakes…

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