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PR Stunts 2020 SO FAR

The beginning of the year was off to a great start for PR before the coronavirus pandemic shocked the world and we collectively went into lockdown. However, with all the doom and gloom across the world, there has been some great PR stunts that have taken place so far this year…

International Space Centre Replica

The LEGO International Space Station Replica was made by the creation of a platform in which people can present their ideas however unusual they may be and despite certain reviews they gain traction.

The replica was made with a total of 834 blocks and released on 1st February 2020 and is a whooping seven feet tall and is rumoured to be valued at $69.99 USD. NASA even praised the accuracy of the product.

Unique Chocolate Dishes

Cadbury invited people in London to try the selection of different chocolate including Crème Egg spaghetti (yes that’s right) during their ‘eatertainment’ event. The two-day event took place in January and was said to have set a record as the longest social eating livestream.

Those who attended the chocolate livestream had the chance to enjoy other unfamiliar chocolate dishes such as crème egg curry and crème egg toasties.

People even had the chance to star in their own crème egg movie!

Vegan Donut Burgers

The iconic donut American based Dunkin’ recently partnered with beyond meat ambassador Snoop Dogg for a snoop inspired addition called the Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich. The new creation was intended to create a ‘sweet and savoury’ improvement to their famous Sausage Sandwich which features 100% plant-based product.

The Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich was released back in January and has been quite the hit across the brand!

Most Instagrammable Products

IKEA is one of the most popular furniture enterprises in the world because of their functional and quirky designs such as Mupolash. The unusual piece was established with the creative agency Oglivy Social Lad which featured on the companies ‘most instagrammable products’ and includes a mug, shelf and a lamp. Those three common household items are highly camera friendly on their own however combined they create a rare and some would say strange invention.

Since the products press, other companies have been jumping on the bandwagon to try and make a version of their own on social media platforms and the original 3D printed product can even be seen at the Design Museum of Gent.

McDonalds team up with Alexandra Wang

The popular fast food chain moves into the world of luxury by teaming up with the one and only Alexandra Wang. Without a doubt, a clever way to capture the attention of consumers by partnering with the one of the most popular designers in the world is ingenious. The limited-edition range included chic lunch bags, jazzed up packaging and even shoes.

In addition to, the fast food promotion also saw 30,000 paper lunch bags that sold out in just 10 minutes!

Super Bowl Snickers

The dream for any chocolate lovers – to celebrate the 90th anniversary since the ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ promotion, snickers created an extra large chocolate bar with 1,200 pounds of caramel, peanuts and nougat with 3,500 pounds of chocolate, wow! The incredible creation featured all the ingredients of the original bar and is equal to 41,000 single snickers bars.

It was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest ever chocolate nut bar before being defeated by Reece’s.

54 Topping Pizza’s

To celebrate the annual Super Bowl, Hormel Foods have created a pizza that is nearly nine feet in length and topped it with 54 toppings inspired by the publics favourite flavours from different regions.

One section of the pizza pays tribute to pork and beans and other sections dedicated to fried chicken, BBQ ribs and more!

With more and more people staying home due to coronavirus, households are taking inspiration to recreate the 54-topping pizza.

The No Show Room Giveaway

Volkswagen announced the promotion of their campaign “The No Show Room” to promote the new Passat Alltrack 4MOTION, a new car that pays tribute to the Swedish national ski team.

Along with other marketing opportunities the The No Show Room campaign will be shown on television to sponsor the “most inaccessible showroom” somewhere in Sweden and the first one to find the car wins it.

Sports Themed Chair Massive Giveaway

Heluva Good partnered with iconic American Pie star Jason Biggs to promote the Best Seat in the House which was initially inspired by the frustration over losing your seat while watching the super bowl. The seat is portable and is designed with cup holders and a pocket to place your phone, great for festivals and social events outside the super bowl.  

Lush’s Australian Wildfires Fund

After the devasting events of the Australian wildfires, beauty brand Lush Cosmetics created a fund to provide first aid and rehabilitation to the animals and habitation effected. The popular brand donated proceeds of their sales from the ‘All Things Wild Soap’, appropriately in the shape of a koala bear.

The charitable fund is authentic to the brands message about using nature focused products and was received with much admiration towards their mission to restore the habitat.

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