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Case Study – Hire a Crowd to Stay Competitive!

For every retailer and service provider, the need to stay current and competitive is key to survival. In recent years and months, we have seen many established companies with long pedigrees ‘go to the wall’. And so it comes as no surprise that we work with clients from all sectors and all shapes and sizes to make an impact and spur them on to bigger, better things. And this is exactly what a recent project we were involved in was all about.

A global conference – take your seat, please!

In this project, we worked with a client to deliver an important message during their global conference which was the platform from which they launched their future strategy.

Essentially, this launch was to create a leaner response to challenging times in their market., as a leading travel company, they realise just how much they need to change to be able to capture the imagination and the custom of travellers.

Our actors were to represent four different types of guest or customer. They were to dress as directed by the client, important for giving visual clues and were also given a bag. This was also a prop and inside the bag was a script.

During this session, held in a cinema, the presenter from the company would pull out each ‘guest’. They would go to the stage and read the script that was in the bag. They were to remain on stage until the other hired actors from Rent a Crowd had given their speech.

As well as visual clues and their script, there was a backdrop to the presentation that emphasised the points being made about how the company was going to adapt to meet the changing needs of its marketplace and, more importantly, the different types of customer and guests that use its services for global travel.

Not standing out…

The beauty of this presentation and the use of professional actors to deliver key messages was that the actors were to ‘mix and mingle’ without standing out. The conference delegates met for a breakfast session and after this time, they would fill the cinema ready for the first presentation of the day.

Our actors had to arrive on time so that the session could begin. There were also specific instructions regarding clothing and the bag that they were given. They also needed to be confident and take on the role of the ‘customer type’ allocated to them. The speech that they delivered – read from their script – lasted for around a minute, a long time if you are not used to public speaking!

Adding excitement to a session but without the gimmicks

In effect, this client was looking to impart an important message – without change, the brand would lose traction in a busy marketplace – but wanted to do so in a way that had meaning but was also memorable.

And that’s where our talented actors came in. The client was more than pleased about the way our team of actors delivered on the day. Is delivering an important message without the gimmicks something your brand needs?