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Marketing Your Christmas Event – How to Stand Out Over the Festive Season

We are all about making sure that events go with a bang and that everyone who attends has a great time. Hiring a crowd can really add zing and excitement to an event, a great move for festive events. Attracting the public to come to your event is even harder during the festive period because there are so many other parties and events they can attend. So how do you make sure that yours is the that stands out?

#1 Get your marketing right

Whether you have held your event for several Christmases on the bounce or whether this is the first time, getting the marketing right is important.

You want to give people an idea of what they will find at your event and sometimes, the best way to do this is with photos. You can hire a crowd at your event for a photoshoot or even hire them before the event to pose for marketing shots that will attract interest.

#2 Plan to meet customer expectations

When people attend a Christmas event, they have high expectations, more so when the event is aimed at children.

If you plan on charging an entrance fee, you need to make sure that you have everything in place before the public arrive.

There are all kinds of horror stories that make sensational newspaper headlines about parents being charged £35 a child to enter a winter wonderland only to find it barren of all atmosphere and activities.

Don’t let this happen to your Christmas event! As well as being super organised, you need to make your event look busy. And so hiring a crowd to mingle through your event so that it gives off all the right signals to the people who attend.

#3 Showcase your event in the press and online

Hiring a crowd is not just about swelling numbers but optimising it as a marketing opportunity.

Inviting in the local press on days that you have hired a crowd for your Christmas event is great for showing it off in its best light.

It also makes sense to leverage the power of social media too. No one needs to know that you have rented a crowd as part of your smart marketing strategy but sometimes, getting professionals involved in this way and making it public can really help.

Just look at On The beach’s summer campaign, for example. The hired crowd help the online campaign go viral!

#4 Make your marketing memorable

As we publish this blog, our supermarkets and department stores are launching their Christmas campaigns. Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot and his family are having circus adventures, John Lewis is teasing us with Excitable Edgar and Lidl is cutting through the opulence of Christmas by retaining its focus on quality over price.

What makes the most successful Christmas marketing campaigns is that they are memorable, often tugging at the heartstrings. And when it comes to your Christmas event, it too needs to be memorable.

Experiential marketing works, so why not try it by hiring a crowd this Christmas?