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Rock ‘n’ Roll crowd rented for an acoustic band

Here at Rent-a-Crowd we are experts in finding the right crowd members to create the right background look and therefore All Town Music wanted to hire our staff for their roaming acoustic band called ‘The Rock n Strollers’. The video was to be used for promotional purposes on their website and other social platforms.

What they required was a crowd of 20 people who were aged between 20 and 35 with a mix of genders to create a scene like you would in a open mic night. They were asked to perform as if they were having an entertaining time, dancing, and singing along, which would not have been an issue for our fun and outgoing staff.

How did we pick our gig-going crowd extras?

This event was in Battersea, so we wanted to use local staff who would be able to commute easily to the venue and knew music scene in that area. We opened castings to search for people available for the role and who fitted the profile our client was looking for such as :-

• Are they the right age?
• Are they cool and suave looking?
• Do they have the correct clothing?

We hand picked the staff to create the perfect blend of people from different demographics and backgrounds. Once picked, we booked and personally briefed them ahead of the event, such as how to perform and what to wear.

Chart-topping audience and performances

The video was a great success, with a fantastic promotional video produced. The crowd created the ideal atmosphere to portray what the band was about and their target audience. Meanwhile, the client also said they had a great time and that working with the crowd was easy making the whole shoot a pleasure. You watch the video below and see for yourself the crowd in action!