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Add More Glamour and Clamour at Celebrity Events

Is there anything better than the razzle-dazzle of celebrity events? From award ceremonies to premiers, when the red carpet is rolled out, you know that glitz and glamour have arrived in town. Hiring a crowd for celebrity events such as these add even more glamour and clamour at events – and you can add the same dazzle and flair to your event too!

All the fun of the red carpet!

There is nothing like a red carpet event, whether you have rolled it out at an award ceremony for your employees or you are welcoming the latest film celebrities to walk down it for their premier.

The clamour and glitz make it such an inviting event and that’s why hiring a crowd makes perfect sense – why not add more excitement and fizz with a bigger crowd?

But they don’t just stand and cheer – although, if that’s what you want, they can do that! – as our hired crowds can do so much more.

This is because the promotional staff we use as hired crowds have a range of skills that could make your next red carpet event go with a real swing.

Completing a range of assignments for clients, you can hire performers and actors to be part of the crowd so that you have more…

  • … autograph hunters
  • … excited fans clamouring for selfies
  • … paparazzi photographing stars as they arrive
  • … cheering, adoring fans

What this means is that your event gets more press and media coverage too. And when that happens, everyone is happy including your sponsors, celebrity guests and anyone else with a vested interest in your event!

How hiring a crowd makes a difference

We know that hiring a crowd for celebrity events makes a difference because our performers have been part of many of these kinds of events. And their involvement in red carpet events doesn’t go unnoticed although, with discretion assured, no one knows that they are hired to be part of the crowd…

Cast study

A superb red carpet event for a well-known high street name was the backdrop for their employee awards. Conscious they wanted to make as much fuss of their arriving employee as possible, our hired crowd of performers were there to make a lot of noise! This proved attractive to other people in the busy public space. And so they came to see what was happening. Brand exposure was high and positive – and their employees loved the attention too!

Attract the right kind of attention – hire a crowd for celebrity and red carpet events

The promise of big-name actors or celebrities may be enough to draw a crowd but why leave it to chance? Being proactive and hiring a crowd for red carpet events means that you have a hit on your hands before the red carpet is even rolled out!

To find out more about our great service, just call us on 0844 800 0071. We can provide a small or huge crowd of people at film premiers, celebrity and red carpets events across the UK. Talk to us today!