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How to Launch a New Store!

The high street is facing tough times but that doesn’t mean opening a new store is off the cards. In fact, there are brands just like you bucking the trend and bringing a new store to the high street. You need to let people know it’s there. How do you do this? How would hiring a crowd work?

Marketing your store launch – a five-step guide

Step 1 – Public relations

With the lease signed and new stock arriving any day, you need to start the process of public relations. This is the marketing that creates the hype not just with your customers but other important partners, the local press being one of them.

Every local newspaper loves a good news story, especially when it has positive ramifications for its locality. Make the most of their services with advertising as well as articles in the press.

Think beyond the local press by working with other local publications and anyone else who has the ability to highlight the success of your brand.

Step 2 – Advertise, advertise, advertise

As soon as the PR articles start to run, your coordinated advertising and marketing campaign needs to kick off. Utilise the channels that you know will reach your customer demographic.

Make sure your message is clear – Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Where is your new store based? Don’t forget you need to identify the problem that your customer has and how you solve it.

And with on-the-day goodies and discounts on offer too, you want to make sure that people know how to get their hands on them!

Step 3 – On-the-day promotions

A grand store launch will set your business alight in the local community but you need to make sure you attract a lot of attention. Hiring a crowd for store launches is an important tool in your on-the-day promotions:

  • Make your launch look busy – the fear that no one will turn up at the given time and date is very real. Wipe away these fears by hiring a crowd of people who will make it look very busy without telling people they have been hired for the occasion!
  • Attracting more attention – tap into people’s natural curiosity with a crowd too!
  • Use for promotional activities – from flash mobs to on-mass giveaway, there is so much that a hired crowd can deliver.

Step 4 – On-premise advertising

With the sign up above your store, you want to make sure that you maximise the information you give people when they look at your shop front. From attractive window displays to promotional signs and advertising, make sure your store is visually attracting attention before, during and after the launch.

Step 5 – Social media

Another great tool that you can use to attract attention before the store launch, during and after is social media. Have a strong strategy to drive it and you’ll see the difference it can make – and with a hired crowd on the day, you can have plenty of social sharing on the go too!