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What Can a Rent a Crowd do?

So, you have the idea of hiring a group of people to make a big promotional and marketing statement for your brand. That’s a great idea! But how will you use your hired crowd to make an impact? Is a group of people enough to make it a standout event?

Make a statement by renting a crowd

Numbers don’t guarantee success and so to make a statement with a hired crowd, whether it is a private event or a corporate PR stunt, there are factors that need to be considered.


Let’s start with the ‘who?’ part of the process. We work with private and corporate clients and so we never assume that one client will need the same crowd as the next. As well the size of the crowd you hire, we also need to consider skills and what the hiring a crowd will need to achieve.


Essentially, this is about what you are seeking to achieve. It could be you are hiring a crowd to serenade your loved one in the run-up to you popping the question or it may be that as an established household named brand, you want to create a PR stunt that will see you go viral online. Both need a different approach. In fact, every project needs a different response from our talented team.


Again, the why is important. What is it that a rent a crowd can deliver and why is this the best tool to use. In essence, clients will tell us that they want something different, something that will stand out and – this is the big one – something that is memorable. Because when a promotional campaign, PR stunt or flash mob is all of these things, people really take notice.


Just where is the best place for your hired crowd to perform? Can they perform there? There are health and safety issues we need to identify and address because not all public places are suitable for this point of view. We also want our rent a crowd to deliver the very best results for the client too and so we are happy to work with you to identify the best places for our rent a crowd to do their thing. This could be a shopping centre in London or an outdoor park in Edinburgh – no matter where your project is based, we have the local talent to make it happen.


The how is essentially what you want your rent a crowd to actually do. Do you want them to perform? Flash mobs are great for catching attention. Seemingly ordinary shoppers join together in an amazing micro-event and then, when the last note is sung, they seamlessly fall back into the crowd.

You could have other ideas – you may want a crowd of people to clap and cheer at an event, welcome guests to your event, be part of your proposal… the list is endless.

Our team can make your ideas come to life…