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The Best Guinness World Records of 2019

When you are the first to reach a pinnacle of success, you may well end up holding a Guinness World Record. Who or what reached these lofty heights in 2019? We take a look…

#1 Jennifer Aniston joins Instagram

“So what?”, you may think, but Aniston now holds the record for the fastest time to amass 1 million followers on the photo-rich platforms. Before that, it was held by our own Prince Harry and Megan Markle with their Duck & Duchess of Sussex of Instagram account.

#2 The longest cheese board

Love cheese? Then you will have been in heaven with the longest cheese board, a record set at the Foodscape conference in Chicago in October. Stretching over 150 feet, as well as lots and lots of cheese, there was also cured meats to enjoy too.

#3 Sub-two hour marathon

Whilst some of us are still tying our laces, Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge was crossing the finish line. Running 26.2 miles on 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds at the Ineos 1:59 Challenge in Vienna, Austria, he kept an average pace of 13.1 miles per hour. A truly spectacular record!

#4 The most expensive trainers

There were only 12 pairs of Nike Moon Shoes made for athletes at the 1972 Olympics with one pair breaking the record for being the most expensive pair of trainers sold at auction. Battered and well-worn, these trainers made just over £300,000 at Sotheby’s in the summer of 2019.

#5 A very, very long noodle

A Japanese chef made the longest homemade egg noodle and took a Guinness World Record in the process. Measuring 600 feet in length, this noodle is longer than the height of Blackpool Tower which is 519 feet.

#6 One ring, 7,777 diamonds

Whilst most of us are happy with one sparkler, there was a ring made that had 7,777 of the glitteriest, shiniest diamonds in it. In the process, it took a Guinness World Record for the ring with the most diamonds in it. Valued at $5 million, the diamonds were also ethically sourced.

#7 Lots of brides

1,347 women dressed as brides took this Guinness World Record when they took part in this Spanish event. Aged 18 to 92 years, these brides were single, married or divorced but as long as they were wearing a bride’s dress, they counted!

#8 A very big sandcastle

Dwarfing childhood sandcastles on the beach, this sandy sculpture in Germany stood at 57 feet tall and took over 24,000 pounds of sand to build. Eight technicians worked on the project, finally taking the world’s tallest sandcastle record.

#9 The world’s largest ocean clean up

633 divers in Florida took part in this Guinness World Record attempt in 2019, pulling off an amazing feat that helped to clean our oceans of all kinds of debris, most of it plastic.

#10 Holding their breath

Holding your breath for longer than 10 seconds can make most of us feel uncomfortably but imagining holding it for 2 and a half minutes whilst diving under the ice. This is exactly what New Zealand freediver Anthony Williams achieved and is now the proud record holder of the deepest dive under ice as a male (with breath held) while wearing fins and a diving suit.